When there is freedom, there is the choice to write. I can’t face a few hurdles while I’m not focused. These drugs are just another way out. But, I don’t need a way out. I want a way in. I want to trip inwards and make me see the world in me. This just might help me see the world I live in. A way out.

All the answers I seek are right here. It only takes time to go through.

I hit the border. A sip of water. So, when I talk borders, what comes to your mind? How far from here are borders to you? Do you see countries of a different kind on the other side of the border? Do you see a different world?

Or, do you not see a border at all?

Live, suffer, die. Live, stream, dive. I see why I can’t fly in this world. I am supposed to walk and see what’s above me. It reminds me how small I am to this world, this universe. To these we are just a tiny dot on the longest line of time. We are probably not even seconds in the hours of this universe.

And, everything will fade. Nothing of this might remain except for as memories.

Come ride with me. Let’s go to places far from here where there are no borders but every single soul dancing to a singular beat. A rhythm of the universe making us come together to our history. Let’s fly together, we don’t need any wings for us to fly.

Here’s our highway, let’s walk!

Art cover by u/Pablo_MGN

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