My current book is called “Deep Work”, written by Cal Newport. It’s a book which differentiates work into two kinds – deep work and shallow work. The former is where you give your complete attention to concentrating on the work that creates new value, whereas the latter is just the opposite.

I like to think of myself as someone who values deep work, and I wonder if there’s anyone around who does not. I am still half-way through the book, so I am not going to talk about it anymore.

However, I do know a little about depth, so I will try to shed some light on it.

Depth to me is the way everything should be perceived as. Be it meaning, perspectives or attention.

I think we all have very short lives, although sufficient. And, I truly believe in giving it my everything. I won’t say I have succeeded so far, but I know I have tried all my life to give it my everything. Be it this blog, my study of computer science and even my rapping skills. And, I am aware that I failed at succeeding in all these parts of my life somewhere, because I can’t rap for shit.

However, whether or not you succeed at something – your participation on the way to that end game is what really matters. We all know this famous way of looking at failure. It is truly awesome how the message sent across so many platforms – be it videos, music or any storytelling platform – the message is universal. Failure is not bad. It’s in fact one of the best ways to learn that I know of.

And, how do I learn? By going deep at what I do.

If I am learning how to play a piano (which I am) I try to think of myself as someone who understands music. I might truly not, but I know what it means to enjoy it to the extent of it. I must say, otherwise, I won’t be able to learn anything at all.

If there is no real depth or value to the things I do, it’s clear that they don’t matter at all. If I want to learn coding, I must have more than a mindset full of knowledge hunger. I need to find some kind of depth in the value of learning how to code.

And, this is my two cents on depth. I do like the benefits of being shallow now and then.

Yet, I thrive for depth all the time.


We have failed, here in India, in committing to the COVID-19 guidelines. With 3.14 lakh (0.3 million) cases on this day, India has recorded the highest spike in number of cases worldwide. So many deaths, and yet so little of air to breathe for the rest of us. These numbers are not good. Not good at all when compared to countries like Australia.

However, this is just my opinion – that we have failed. And, by we, I mean – mostly me. I don’t know what happened after January this year, but apart from maintaining the regular wear of mask I haven’t followed much of what needed to followed to get rid of this virus. Its almost as if I forgot it even existed.

Reasons like: It’s not my responsibility to take care of the country’s healthcare are just stupid to be valid of a reason for letting go of your guard against the virus. I’ve been stupid enough of times in my life. But, when you think of it – this one seems more obvious to me as it’s more apparently physical in terms of the effects. Deaths. Prolonged illness. Mental health issues. Loss in productivity. You name it.

Last year, I could see no one better than me at following through every guideline mentioned by WHO and the Indian government. Least to say, I overdid it. It made me feel like I was achieving something for the greater good. And, the second wave would’ve happened no matter what I did – just the way it happened. We are now facing a storm and our ship’s pretty much broken into pieces of wilder shapes and forms.

Face it – Indians are having a tough time. But, this does not mean you let yourself panic.

Because, hey – what are you going to do about it? I definitely won’t be scared and give in to the panic that’s surrounding. Because, this time I am prepared to face what’s to come (or, what is already here, should I say) for worse or better.

There’s only one rule to this game for a player of my sorts – twenty-two years old intern at a company that lets you work from home – and it’s this: don’t go out if you don’t have to.

And, to the home that is mine, I am thankful.

To my fellow Indians reading this: don’t you worry, we got this. It’s good to know that it all ends one day. Look on the brighter side, or make one if it’s not visible right now. Trust me, we are on the same boat and we will sail through.

I hope you’re doing safe and healthy. I wish you more happiness, take all that’s for sale.

If you need help of any sorts, please come in contact with me by clicking here. We’ll see what we can do and be rest assured that I will try my best.

Take care and be awesome!


Meaning: something vaguely or indistinctly perceived

Yesterday, while I was trying to sleep (which happens a lot these days, without any clear reason) – I was contemplating, or doing something of that sort. As I was thinking, it became very clear to me that this life (right now) is not very clear to me. I don’t know what I’m doing for the most part of my life – although, I know that I’m tending to sleep more during the day, find random tasks from my internship to do, learn data structures, read my current book – and yet, I don’t know what I’m doing with my life.

This is because of my past. It haunts me every night. All the mistakes I have done so far and how regretting them is an on-going part of my life. Good to know that it’s normal for humans to commit mistakes, otherwise, I don’t know how we’d survive at all. The solutions to these regrets, however, are a blurry set of images that never seem to reveal what they truly mean.

Say, for example, if meditation is one of the solutions. I know that meditation will bring me a happier life. But, what if I don’t know what to expect from a happier life? Maybe I am just overthinking right now, but don’t you ever feel like an imperfect piece in this puzzle called life? Tell me, do you?

I end these thoughts with a blurry dream – which brings me sleep. And, all I care about – as you could guess – is a good night’s sleep.


Today, I have taken inspiration from one of the writers I know. He’s a professor at the university I study at. It is still taking some time to adjust to being a worker and a student at the same time, now that I’m an intern – I know that my college life will be missed, but not really. If you were to ask me “Would you swap your college with work?” I’d take some time and say “I don’t know” because I couldn’t care less. I love working and I love learning.

So, what’s the inspiration?

To take up the A-Z challenge. Yes, taking a letter and a word on it – to write. And, for the first day and the first letter ‘A’, I have chosen the word ‘absorb’. Why? It was better than the other words generated on this website (internet really does have a lot of tools) for worse or better.

Let’s begin, and see where this challenge takes us.


absorb/əbˈzɔːb,əbˈsɔːb/ verb: take in or soak up (energy or a liquid or other substance) by chemical or physical action.”buildings can be designed to absorb and retain heat”

This world is a funny place that puts up a show of horror now and then. And, it’s a show indeed that we all have to take in. I found this observation closely due to the practice of meditation I’ve been following. All you do is sit there and take in all (or nothing) without attaching any kind of judgement to it. There really is no need to judge yourself for taking that extra piece of pizza while you’re on diet. You wanted it, and you had it. That’s it. You’ll know what to do next time. And, if you don’t – well – keep trying, right?

So, what do you absorb from this world?

That’s a question so hard to ask and even answer that I’ll try giving it a shot. Here’s what comes to my mind when I think about what I absorb from this world. There’s just too much around me to cope up with. So, I end absorbing nearly nothing useful or even close to being some sort of potion. And, here’s why it’s a tough one. Given the age of internet, the age of information – there is literally countless quantity of knowledge to fathom and let alone absorb.

What if even today the only source of knowledge were books? That’d be a cool thing perhaps if you like to complaint about what the future beholds. It’d be easier to only take in what we can handle. We’d only read what we like unlike now where everything is just shoved right up to your face on the internet. Like this blog.

So, here’s what I absorb – nothing. And by nothing, I mean nothing. I’ll let the stars and my flow decide what to absorb and let go. It’s not me who absorbs the information. And, it’s not you who get’s to decide.

PS: I do like to absorb my learnings, and keep them to myself. Everyone does that, right?