Who’s me?

I started this blog with the sole reason to keep myself busy and away from the tragedies of an idle mind. I failed a lot in the beginning of this blog. Precisely, how much did I fail? One whole year.

I posted the first article and took a break for all the seasons.

Being a college student and maintaining a blog is not as hard it can seem to be, because I wouldn’t have known how comforting it is if I hadn’t started. It adds up to my ever increasing love towards writing.

Anyways, I have made myself sure about the content I post here to be created with all the love I have for art. Even when I wouldn’t have wanted to.

Art is very close to my beliefs and it is all that I actually believe in. You can check out my artwork and my work (computer science, videos and photographs) on other platforms here. I love films and film-making. We can talk about them if you want to, I’ll always be ears to your stories 🙂

Thank you for reading! I hope you find mangoes wherever you go. If you find mangoes hard to eat, at least you found them hard to eat right where you are.