Today, it’s all about confirmation, right? Do I believe in the right? Or, the left? What about God? Will we find colonies in Mars? Or, is it written as ‘on’ Mars? Where is the light? End of the tunnel? Or, these yellow-bright lights on the way? One after another.

It is these street lights. And, they too guide us.


Today, maybe the world will learn about humans sooner than it could have imagined. There are personalities of wildly thoughtful concerns and even a few of them are hateful. But, mostly this world already knows that and we might just be on the journey to realise nothing. Nothing to realise will ultimately be the achievement.


Today, I’d like to tell about a failure that happened yesterday. I tried to stream a game-play of Chess on Twitch. Now, after looking at the problem it was mostly the slow/inconsistent internet which fed the issue. The scene for broadcast, that I had created, was so good for a first-timer. I though. And, I’ll still be doing to the stream. Only with less seriousness as only during the stream can one face problems, not during the preparation or even the creation.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio