I am wrong, sometimes
It’s all that I am in truth
In harmony and it’s chaos

These leaves of autumn on trial,
Are my company on this journey
For I know nothing about this road
And I still pretend to be knowledge

This carpet on the floors of anarchy,
Looks like me in this world of reality
Again I know nothing of this reality
Please step on me and run away my peer,
I’ll be here as if nothing went wrong

I am wrong, sometimes

High income

I am Eric,
A loner.

Two years ago,
I bought this home.
Three months later,
It’ll be official.

There’s no furniture,
But, I hate furniture.
I always buy candle,
Feels like no future.

I want to use these candles.

The death of my bird,
Didn’t feel real until yesterday.
My brain keeps changing,
From sane to doubtful.

Doubtful to chaos.

Pills are not my choice,
Doctor can’t keep me away.
Get me a real one,
This feels unreal.

I don’t want to be alone.
I don’t want to be out there.

Get me out of here.

Chocolate Sandwich

Give me a sandwich,
With extra cheese.

And, is there a way?

Where the sandwich has –
Eternal chocolate in it.
Will there be my friends?
Oompa Loompas, preferably.

Because the last time,
I was short on happiness.
This time I want to be sure,
About the chocolate.