The best country does not exist

With it’s citizens bullying those who doubt a country’s worth, I am affirmative that it’s no good of a choice to call it pro-liberty. Men and women who fail at contributing to the country even just by wearing a mask, often choose to support the fact that our soldiers might be fighting on our borders – risking their lives to save ours. These people who can’t even take wearing masks seriously, never really know the pain when they talk about any sacrifice this country came by to this date. It’s only their fondness in the idea of patriotism that makes them call someone anti-national but not their patriotism.

Voicing your opinion on a grave matter most probably requires a sense of time before becoming sound.

If at all this is the best country in the world, I don’t see the need to label it as one. Trust me, when someone does that, it usually means they are on the way to the label’s destination but never really conclusive about their claims. It only scares me to see the men of this country falling prey to the lies which actually sound very fantastic to even me. And, only men are falling prey to our leaders’ lies as I see women having very little to no voice mattering to the narrative. We are however getting there. But, the fight continues knowing nothing about what is it that we are fighting.

We are the best country in the world if it doesn’t matter to be one. I’d love to see every nation stop calling themselves one because the ones saying so are usually scared for their lives that they might be lying. Either that, or they are hiding the fact that they’ve failed already. If at all it matters to be a part of a good country, to be a good human – tell me there’s a different universe.

That being said, it’s better to have failure in our country being voiced than building an image like it’s a Photoshop battle on Reddit. Tell me if you win and correct me if you lose.

This article marks my 100th day continuously posting on WordPress. Thank you for reading my articles and motivating to keep me going. I feel like I’ve done something I only dreamt of. What I see for the future of this blog is for it to remain the same – I’ll try to write every day here about anything I find randomly taking up space in me. I hope you continue to be a part of this as well and we’ll reach the moon one day.

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Here are a few numbers (images below) for this year so far. It has been the best time I’ve ever spent on WordPress. On the Internet arguably. Maybe I can never stop blogging now. My activity started to be visibly high for the first time on this blog during April’s Daily Prompts challenge put up by editors at WordPress. It remains a solid background to keep me writing and posting my work.

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It gives me joy to see what I never would’ve realised without giving some kind of performance.

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These numbers mean nothing compared to the friendships I’ve made here. Made changes I never expected for the blog. Most importantly, kept creating when most of our world is busy complaining. And, there’s no harm in that either. I take pride in being self-obsessed about this one fact. Keep reading, keep looking 😀

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Altruism for the human in a pandemic

My new show ‘Involuntary Comfort’ is a podcast where I speak carelessly. I also want to hear from you. What do you think about it? What could be better? Which kind of stories do you love?

So, here’s the question I want to try and answer today: Is altruism possible in today’s world?

Firstly, the ‘possibility’ in this question is a valid variable. And secondly, the ‘world we live in today’ is a modern cue for obvious reasons.

Being selfless is practically a good way to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. However, it has a different sense to being selfless. Being careful about your safety will help you contain the virus and hence become selfless according to the definitions set by a pandemic.

If someone stays at home watching Netflix, work on their own, sleeping and discarding the choice to have a social gathering – they risk a judgement to be seen as someone who is self-absorbed. And, they are. This nowhere means what they’re doing is wrong if not correct. The point is they are less wrong than the ones going out which will make a huge difference to the dynamics of COVID-19. So, in a way they could not have been more right about this.

The last time I saw – there’s literally nothing wrong about caring for your health either.

If it means to be self-absorbed when all you do is care about others’ safety, then so be it – during when the right thing to do is exactly that. Because, you’re being selfless by giving up the joy of being outside. In the end you are helping everyone by staying put and in containing the killer.

The practical reason for this to be the only way out of the chaos is you won’t realise when you’re spreading it for real.

So, just don’t give yourself (and try for others) the chance to even risk spreading it. If you have to be out there, wear a mask for the sake of another life and eventually even yours. It’s not that hard if you’re not flippant towards humanity.

A part of why this could be beneficial to you is a fundamental acoustic in your mind. Those who have been staying at home can be proud (while having no guilt and without being selfish) to say these words out loud:

“I had no part in the mass killing. Directly or indirectly!”

This may seem offensive to those who are walking around like this is pre-coronavirus with the disguise of the times being post-coronavirus. Again, no one really has a vital part in the death of someone after spreading this virus. But, one can be responsible in the slightest ways possible for an infection. It’s up to personal belief whether you consider this as responsible enough to be murderous.

Here’s a perspective from ‘Barking Up the Wrong Tree’, and it says:

Looking at the research we see that during disasters, altruism is the rule. Selfishness is the exception.

Eric Barker on being self-less

Altogether, it seems like a concept hard to believe in (but very easy to understand.) It’s common to have varying opinions about this. What I don’t understand is – people choose to be carelessly selfish. And, specifically often complain about the economy and boredom for weird reasons.

It’s clearly falling down. The economy and your interesting life are both in deterioration. So, does this mean we need to have the bad guys backing the bad step? People who know barely about the working of an economy are using it to reason their time outside eating a pizza in their favourite cafe. Why not go to Italy? You’ll also help the global-economy of ‘ignorant reasons to travel’ while helping the exports for mozzarella. Sherlock, it doesn’t work that way.

Even though ICMR claims no community-transmission is happening, it’s hard to believe in these claims. Knowing the numbers increasing so rapidly it is seemingly an impossible reality we are being forced to face. In fact, the numbers are increasing for the first time in my city where it’s obvious enough and that’s why this article had to be published.

To be human right now is to let go of the joys for some days. You took the break, and it has to end somewhere. Let’s be honest, having your favourite chai on the road is only making you feel better. Not the economy.

However, it’ll be hard for the chaiwala to make a living if everyone stops drinking his tea. The point is these customers won’t feel slightly responsible when he was not suggested a better way to sell the tea during a lock-down.

Here’s how even the most vulnerable entities of this recession are solving their problems:

“We are thinking of starting ‘sev puri’ and ‘paani puri’ takeaways and supply our ‘chutneys’ hygienically packed to general stores which are open,” Sharma said.

From The New Indian Express

This goes beyond the tea. This is about making the seller survive and grow with the times we face. By doing this, you are helping yourself and the community.

But, a wise way to do this is by not risking any life you see. Especially your own.

Many need to stop making excuses to be out there. You are not helping if you don’t know how you’re helping the economy. If you do know how, understand the semantics of it to keep yourself safe out there. Wear masks to help everyone contain the virus and not to get rid of a fine. It’s about time we all became human.

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Dear Reader

How are you? I just wanted to sit down and put this on the blog. I have lots to say, and yet I don’t know which messages to pick. I’ll just keep on writing and everything will fall into place. Because, that’s what I know as a solution to everything. Maybe I am wrong, maybe… Continue reading →