Jiggle Wiggle

Can words be funny in the way they sound? What is the language that’ll connect this world? How far is the pandemic’s end? Oh, that was off-topic. Right? No one can tell for sure, and you’re a good human if you considered doubt to be your friend here.

I think they can. Yes. Words can sound funny. Here’s how I believe someone can ruin the humour though:

  • Scalp gulp
  • Red bed
  • Fruit puke
  • Yellow mellow
  • Cool stool
  • Poop scoop
  • Covid, slow it
  • Mower, pull over

Don’t tell me you did. I think I can live now.

Hit me with your terrible ground-breaking ideas.

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All could’ve been simpler

There are many occasions in my life where I’ve felt like we were better as nomads, the early humans, the stupid. Yet I look forward to this evolution. We are complex beings without the ability to perceive much of this complexity with ease. All I know is that this is not who we are meant to be. It takes time for me to adjust, but it does not take me any difficulty in realisation.

If at all you think humans have evolved enough just as they are, then my friend we all want to be like you. You are simply discarding a major disagreement highly common within our species. And, yet we know how similar we are to you because we are you. Otherwise, there should have been no single case where a person dislikes the life they live. Please tell us how to be as simple as you. Tell me how to not worry.

All could’ve been simpler, and yet we are the ones who can change the compound.

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Tables Turned

Have you ever wondered what would someone write about you? This question definitely means very little to the done and dusted. I’m talking about the writers who have just started or are still in that state of whether or not to consider themselves as one. I remember how long it took me to call myself a writer. I still don’t find it any less amusing than the bungee jump I never took.

There’s a difference in starting to write and calling yourself a writer. When you refer yourself by this label, you are pretty damn sure what you mean. And, it’s not just about labelling for yourself but more about the confidence that comes with this art form. More to say, it adds the voice of a writer to your approach. Meh, I realise this is purely perceptional and uniquely devastating.

The tables will turn when you start writing. But, on the other side of this table – you are still an amateur. Am I a writer?

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