Something About the Movie : A Clockwork Orange

Something About the Movie : Episode One

“Something About the Movie” is going to be a series on this blog. It is quite simple with the meaning, as closely literal as possible. In this series, I will be sharing my thoughts about movies that hit my mind with a brick, mostly in a better way. I wouldn’t want to be sharing my frustration about the movies like Race 3 .

A Clockwork Orange is a movie based on the book with the same name, written originally by  Anthony Burgess , and directed by the legendary Stanley Kubrick .

The number of times I would want to watch this piece of art, is crazy enough for someone like me – who easily gets bored when it comes to watching movies multiple times. And some, even for the first time.

Many aspects of the film seem to be experimental, and hence interesting. The screenplay follows a simple rule of keeping the scenes tight and explanatory. It is a depiction of the lead character’s narration. So, this movie is better when you watch it from the narrator’s perspective. It adds more to the depth and the understanding of every move in the reel. There are many such graphic scenes which require one’s open mind and to some extent agreement to receive – the meaning or the story offered. It follows a very unique path to reach the end game of the movie. As said before, this is why experimental films are never at the lack of creating interest, if done with the same purpose.

What I love the most from the film, is the thought carried by the lead character throughout. It is very simple, just like any simple man’s. It could be anything – wanting to hit someone, wanting to drink something, wanting to just do anything random. Just the thought. It depends on you whether or not you’d be liking if he actually killed someone. That’s not the point. It is about how the creators of the film, have been successful in presenting the thoughts, the moves, the work of every character in the movie. It has a lot do with the writing process of the movie, not that it has nothing to do with others. But, the inception of the idea is very crucial for something as experimental as this.

I am sure I did not give up any spoilers, that’s how it should be done when it comes to praising or talking about a good movie. I always feel like if I ever make a movie – I must be telling a story, but it must be the audience who decide the elements of it. The good, and the bad part of it – in elements, relating it to their own life.