Barter system on the internet

A kind of order any society will presumably fail in the century ahead of us is this system of maintaining barter to influence our daily activities. Not to confirm any uncertainty, but I truly doubt our financial system to continue depending on banks entirely.

barter/ˈbɑːtə/ Learn to pronounce


exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.”he often bartered a meal for drawings”

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First of all, this system is very cute and friendly. If you don’t have your wheat with you, I won’t be polishing your shoes. Now, if you do have some rice, I can think about polishing one of your shoes. This hardly works in today’s generation for many reasons and the obvious one being – polishing shoes is a trivial act. What if the task was to maintain your blog’s appearance in exchange to writing content for another blog?

Do you consider bitcoin as the modern barter?

With the choice of wanting to have presentation over content, I see where this can lead to. A better looking blog, a read-able paragraph or just simply a better work of collaboration. This means there has to be that essential sense of ‘exchange’ to a collaboration. Moreover, this is what collaboration looks like on the internet but barely visible in the same format. Maybe we are the modern beings who follow barter without consciously addressing the system or referring to it as one. If we do acknowledge this fact, I can only imagine the quality in our content to rise and rise.

Would you be interested in working together, with the additional sense of a compulsive exchange? What would it take to feel at liberty when doing this kind of collaboration? There are many questions in my mind to even dream of bringing barter back to our lives. Anyways, this blog is only fun to me and I’m realising ways to make value and money from it. After I’ve saved the 96$ needed to start monetising here, I’ll make sure the advertisements make sense and more importantly to never distract my readers. If you can help me in any way (advice to monetisation, freelance, collaboration, donations, suggestions etc.) please come in contact with me, or just comment as you like. I don’t do this with the compulsive-work approach, so it might be helpful to you in considering that. If you know about any other person, blog or website in general talking about such collaborative work and friendly way to monetise, please feel at home to come in contact with me.

Let’s work, but not really for the financial purpose!

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Creating at home

April was a very comforting month for the users of WordPress. While the world was biting it’s nails, we figured a way out of panic even if it meant only for a short period of time. I must say the panic otherwise would’ve been less shared and even chaotic to me.

This goes on to prove that believing blindly in whatever the world says would be my scary dream. Not a nightmare, but a scary dream.

Anyhow, there is a sense of support I saw among the bloggers during April. This community mainly stands on the grounds of creativity, experiment and having your own voice. I missed a lot of other good stuff this community believes in.

To me that is a dream community.

What I realised after doing the Daily Prompts in April is my capability. It remains a part of me.

I knew I can create like an artist. But, what I didn’t know is how consistent I could be at it. This consistency in return has only proved that it doesn’t matter how consistent you are.

I’d be doing this only if I want to.

When I feel like I don’t want to write something on the blog, I always have other stuff from the back of my digital closet to share with my readers. That’s mostly it. Having fun is the ultimate conclusion to having a blog.

Thank you for supporting me even if it’s just a comment or a like. You are awesome.

Also, please watch this video I edited completely on my phone. Comment your thoughts:

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