The meaning of abstract

There’s a very high chance for someone close to art to speak repeatedly about the meaning that comes with the piece they love or even hate. I don’t really understand how can one hate a creation, but it remains the nature of humans. When most of the meaning remains unique and personal to the audience and the artist, it also floats as wide open for new interpretations.

Take the work of Vincent van Gogh and put them in today’s view of art, it becomes the fundamental source of abstract in some cases and very modern in others. This is however the only reason why a ‘meaning’ can’t remain definite to something. It always seems to change like our ways of looking at this planet. Trying every time to understand the fundamentals or the vastness of it.

Personally, I know very huge shifts in the way I look at a creation. A single piece or a range of them. All tend to change. Even the way they are captured, these ideas.

Today, the rainy season got it’s kick-start in my city. Hints of it were always forgiven.

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