No one really talks of it,
Maybe I’m the one thinking
Picked me up as it lit,
Sun too had me blinking

Maybe I’m the one thinking

The green is more like itself,
And the red is no better
While blue is just myself,
I see the black as calmer

Maybe I’m the one blinking

Every mask has it’s face,
Ever face does it’s talking
Stories from this headspace,
And eyes go low haunting

Maybe I’m the one talking

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Pointless Bread

Yes, that’s the name. I didn’t want to have a meaning in the new title for this blog. So, I guess this one’s just perfect. Or not, so never mind and that’s the whole point of it. No pun intended – only if you had to think otherwise.

From now on, we are the Pointless Bread family. We should have a name to the members of this group, given the fact that the numbers are still small and opinions can be mindfully perceived. I hope. If you are reading this, you are among the small bracket to whom the articles reach – be it a follower or a new reader. Feel free at home, you (a guess) human.

What does ‘Pointless Bread’ mean? You tell me.

I don’t really have a clear picture as to why this name other than my intuition. It sounds right and even confirms my laziness in framing a proper title to this blog. It almost justifies the ever-changing theme of the website. Maybe that’s our theme itself.

Gives me joy to be diverse enough on a personal basis.

Now, this move (of changing the title) comes as a part of getting along with my readers and keeping this place for a fun time on the internet. This move is also a part of the blog’s journey towards making it officially a place for personal growth and keeping the community hooked to the process of writing/reading. It’s not just confined to making money but even about taking footsteps which can help me get better at this skill. I’ll always be a novice to the internet, as a reminder.

I have too much going on in the ‘document of plans’ for the blog. Maybe have direct collaboration, open donation pipelines in return for artwork, have more and more concepts covered. It’s slowly falling into place and you’ll know.

Comment your thoughts, be it anything – your favourite kind of pizza or even about the last time you cried. Take the space and let’s get to know each other (only if you’d like to, affirmative) in order for this blog to be a literal space for art and stories 😀

I post here daily: artwork and articles. Generally about the void being filled during that morning of the day. If you’d like to follow the blog to receive a notification on your mail, sign up below for free!

If you don’t see a link, you might be on WordPress. In that case, you can just press follow. Hope to see you keep reading, and keep looking 😀

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The best country does not exist

With it’s citizens bullying those who doubt a country’s worth, I am affirmative that it’s no good of a choice to call it pro-liberty. Men and women who fail at contributing to the country even just by wearing a mask, often choose to support the fact that our soldiers might be fighting on our borders – risking their lives to save ours. These people who can’t even take wearing masks seriously, never really know the pain when they talk about any sacrifice this country came by to this date. It’s only their fondness in the idea of patriotism that makes them call someone anti-national but not their patriotism.

Voicing your opinion on a grave matter most probably requires a sense of time before becoming sound.

If at all this is the best country in the world, I don’t see the need to label it as one. Trust me, when someone does that, it usually means they are on the way to the label’s destination but never really conclusive about their claims. It only scares me to see the men of this country falling prey to the lies which actually sound very fantastic to even me. And, only men are falling prey to our leaders’ lies as I see women having very little to no voice mattering to the narrative. We are however getting there. But, the fight continues knowing nothing about what is it that we are fighting.

We are the best country in the world if it doesn’t matter to be one. I’d love to see every nation stop calling themselves one because the ones saying so are usually scared for their lives that they might be lying. Either that, or they are hiding the fact that they’ve failed already. If at all it matters to be a part of a good country, to be a good human – tell me there’s a different universe.

That being said, it’s better to have failure in our country being voiced than building an image like it’s a Photoshop battle on Reddit. Tell me if you win and correct me if you lose.

This article marks my 100th day continuously posting on WordPress. Thank you for reading my articles and motivating to keep me going. I feel like I’ve done something I only dreamt of. What I see for the future of this blog is for it to remain the same – I’ll try to write every day here about anything I find randomly taking up space in me. I hope you continue to be a part of this as well and we’ll reach the moon one day.

धन्यवाद | Thank you | Asante | Gracias | Благодаря ти | Dank u

Here are a few numbers (images below) for this year so far. It has been the best time I’ve ever spent on WordPress. On the Internet arguably. Maybe I can never stop blogging now. My activity started to be visibly high for the first time on this blog during April’s Daily Prompts challenge put up by editors at WordPress. It remains a solid background to keep me writing and posting my work.

Top countries with people viewing this blog
Thirty three thousand and six hundred words excluding this post

It gives me joy to see what I never would’ve realised without giving some kind of performance.

My first year
This year

These numbers mean nothing compared to the friendships I’ve made here. Made changes I never expected for the blog. Most importantly, kept creating when most of our world is busy complaining. And, there’s no harm in that either. I take pride in being self-obsessed about this one fact. Keep reading, keep looking 😀

P.S. I made a video edit recently using copyright-free content from Pexels. Have a look!

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Barter system on the internet

A kind of order any society will presumably fail in the century ahead of us is this system of maintaining barter to influence our daily activities. Not to confirm any uncertainty, but I truly doubt our financial system to continue depending on banks entirely.

barter/ˈbɑːtə/ Learn to pronounce


exchange (goods or services) for other goods or services without using money.”he often bartered a meal for drawings”

Source: Google

First of all, this system is very cute and friendly. If you don’t have your wheat with you, I won’t be polishing your shoes. Now, if you do have some rice, I can think about polishing one of your shoes. This hardly works in today’s generation for many reasons and the obvious one being – polishing shoes is a trivial act. What if the task was to maintain your blog’s appearance in exchange to writing content for another blog?

Do you consider bitcoin as the modern barter?

With the choice of wanting to have presentation over content, I see where this can lead to. A better looking blog, a read-able paragraph or just simply a better work of collaboration. This means there has to be that essential sense of ‘exchange’ to a collaboration. Moreover, this is what collaboration looks like on the internet but barely visible in the same format. Maybe we are the modern beings who follow barter without consciously addressing the system or referring to it as one. If we do acknowledge this fact, I can only imagine the quality in our content to rise and rise.

Would you be interested in working together, with the additional sense of a compulsive exchange? What would it take to feel at liberty when doing this kind of collaboration? There are many questions in my mind to even dream of bringing barter back to our lives. Anyways, this blog is only fun to me and I’m realising ways to make value and money from it. After I’ve saved the 96$ needed to start monetising here, I’ll make sure the advertisements make sense and more importantly to never distract my readers. If you can help me in any way (advice to monetisation, freelance, collaboration, donations, suggestions etc.) please come in contact with me, or just comment as you like. I don’t do this with the compulsive-work approach, so it might be helpful to you in considering that. If you know about any other person, blog or website in general talking about such collaborative work and friendly way to monetise, please feel at home to come in contact with me.

Let’s work, but not really for the financial purpose!

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