Teaching online or offline: What’s better?

The pattern in “learning methods” with time has evolved from the privileged personal tuition to classrooms for all types of colour and caste. And, in the recent decade it has reached everyone (quite literally) on the internet. We are much closer to the digital saturation of online teaching and only a few know what’s next. We might even realise learning in a classroom could be better. Or, the early methods of personal tuition. Oh God, not the personal one-on-one tuition. I hope not.

Another interesting pattern is the ever-growing innovation in the way one can learn, and mainly teach.

I first got to know about the possibility to learn online when I used Khan Academy. But, before using it – I was moved (?) by Google’s references which usually lead to Khan Academy somehow. We’ll see why Khan Academy was (is) so good and still maintains the very important elements of learning online.

This is completely informational. The kind where many wouldn’t want to read in the audience I have. I am trying out new ways of writing on this blog. If you hate learning online or even reading anything remotely informational, I suggest you come back for tomorrow’s article where I’ll be trying the graphic-novel approach to make it into the blog. It’s going to be fun.

And, now a little treat to the nerds to know about Khan Academy. I’ll finish this one in a single paragraph.


Khan Academy is good. It’s an online platform for learning.