Killing solitude

It’s hot out here, on my terrace. No, usually mornings are warm. This day has a different way of greeting us fellow humans. It makes no sense. Only until yesterday, I enjoyed the flaming tea in a not-so-flaming abode. Out in the open.

I like to start my days with the energy I need for the rest of it. And, my neighbor agrees today saying only but my words.

“The heat is abnormal today. It’s extremely troubling, right?”

“Yeah man, I don’t understand!”

Photo by Bob Clark

Clearly, my childhood had no such event where I hated the sun. For that matter, we played cricket without stopping a second under those scorching skies. Really, it was much better of a summer before.

And now it has come back, only to tell me how I’ve failed. How humanity has failed in keeping our sweet abode safer for ourselves. We are the ones who’ll even pay the dues. We are procrastinating like this is any assignment. But, I am sure it’s a test on our integrity.

To the Sun, I say, please don’t rage on my planet. It’s not responsible for what happened. It’s not responsible for what will happen. But, only me.

Polar Flair

Hidden are not the secrets anymore. It’s mostly my lack of care to the shallow depths. Our poles are right here on the single piece of land we place our foot on. Walking to the top and one day falling prey to the mistakes done winningly. We will be paid. And, we won’t be making any money but only the ashes of this wonderland.

Takes a lot of courage, you know, to live without the food you were meant to eat. Fishes don’t just swim around, to fall prey. They just die quicker to even swim these days. To seal off the hunt, seals have gone underground and birds are taking longer to find their prey. Hidden in the hell would be choices of the man.

Talking of hunts, the ones like me who can still do, do hunt. I see the man growing dumber and wildly with these chic devices. Tapping on petitions more than their garden beds. The plants are dying of heat, do you not need the water? Or, are there no trees where you live? Find them, please. For the hidden secrets of the planet are mostly gone by now, and we need to find them.

– Pandora.


With the shutdown parameters increasing, and even slightly decreasing, everywhere around the world – we see many benefits of this to our planet. But, it’s temporary. Once the economy starts to bounce back, it’s nothing but inevitable for the birds to not give us the whistles like they do now. They can’t simply take the adversities of the climate once it returns to it’s original, as changed from the original by us humans. Not to forget, our planet is still heating up whether or not you see us polluting it. And that, is how badly we have managed to keep up with the planet’s harmony.

For a quick second, just imagine all of humanity not facing the pandemic. It’s hard, and that’s why it can be imagined. So, when there is no threat of a virus but there is an urge in the leaders worldwide to shutdown the use of polluting entities – there will be rules. That’s our imagination – every government asking it’s citizens to not pollute the country on the basis of a shutdown. Many won’t follow the rules, obviously. Many are not following them even when they could die much easily in a case. They definitely won’t follow if the problem is comparatively distant. Although, it might just be very closer than we think and live like. Adding to the imagination, suppose all of us decide to stay at home not polluting the planet. Once that’s done – we could all just think our planet is healing itself. But, no. It will, by the damage already done, still keep on burning. Coming out of the imagination – that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Even when we all would have thought the slowdown could help, it is not going to help if we don’t create new rules. I believe this is the right time for every government to use the situation to bring back some kind of love to the nature in their citizens. It won’t be of much help to the situation, but it won’t probably do any harm either. It is necessary. Whether you like it or not, there are many who love listening to the birds whistling to our harmony, the wind kissing on our goals and the water helping us flow.

If there was any, the song for our planet would be the way it lives. Just. No need of the lyrics to label even the happening wonders it could do without a beat.

Our planet wants to sing, and let us clap on that.


It has been a calculable time since I did this and yet it feels the same. I sit down at my chair in a room (mostly) done by me. Then, I set up my space pushing away the books, papers, pens, wrappers, even bananas and empty glasses of water on my desk so that I can write. I put on the music, preferably anything which does not have any obvious meaning to it. Meaning, no words of a language I already know or even better – no words at all. You see I like music in the way it leaves me with infinite stories. All of these possibilities concur at a single point of belief where meaning need not exist. This arrangement of a sea of chances on a single piece of hope is very much like our planet. The one we all are destroying.

Welcome to the progressive growth this blog is bound to be a part of. Now, I write.


I have received many messages in my life. And not just on WhatsApp, but even in the form of letters, mails and human voices. In all of these messages, there is a common point of understanding. These messages could be different and even irrelevant to each other. Yet, they all look the same when I see them just as what they are. Before you dig any deeper and misunderstand what I might have meant, please pause. Because, what I mean by messages is not the conclusion of them being a formulaic sense of communication, or the communication itself but the literal meaning of them being ultimately just a message. A set of letters or an arrangement of these sets at the best. You might think of it (plainly) as a poorly exciting way of looking at life in general. I differ, because I am sure that stories get much more exciting after they are received with no former understanding before. It is always a better option for me to not have such former understandings at all in the first place to come what may. They ruin many elements which matter to the experience I am having or might have later. And, it is by experience I hold such views.

I prefer to journal matters of my life either after they are done being experienced or well before they begin. A few don’t begin while some never stop being. This sole conundrum allows me to maintain a dumber violation of my choices just in case I do journal any of it while it happens.


Precisely speaking, there’s very little to add in the bucket of changes my life has had since the last time I wrote on this blog. Not to forget, it still is a calculable time. I still attend college, waste a lot of money, spend humanitarian times with fellow humans and try to do something creative every day. The last thing I do in the sentence before this one, is the only part that can be said to have changes in the way I do it constantly.


Time and again, it is the creative aspect of my life where I see evidence. Evidence for it to work every single time. I make an edit, it works. I write a program, it works most of the times. I make a video, it works. I make anything, it potentially has already worked itself out before it even exists. That’s the comforting part of creativity to me. Ever since I got the taste of it’s outcomes in a palpable way. I know that inventive thinking gets me to the places of peace and harmony. It brings in a kind of relief only I’d know how to put into words. A few of the times that I try to express this relief, I don’t regularly have the form of language to put forth my understanding. Usually during such times, rarely do I have the wishes to even voice the courteous experience I might have had.

I believe it is not in the list of right choices to see creativity as one entity. Or, as an entity at all. It does not have a defined meaning which remains the same throughout. Painting a portrait of Mona Lisa, I believe, is just as much creative as joining two points on a paper. It is our humane pity little mind that would consider such comparison as an insult towards the painter. The painter mostly knows that this human came up with only one way to join the two points. A straight line. Hardly, this human might have thought of two ways while he or she was busy building up the hate towards such comparison. When triggered of this fault in the human, the human ceases to be.


It simply can’t begin anywhere for it has no certain form of existence. Creativity is not modest enough to fall for the notions defined by a modest being, the human. It can’t simply “be” to me. Progressively, it is moving in every direction imaginable.


When I tripped to Marasanige, a village with hardly more than ten houses to count, I happened to be closer with this planet. I have always been close to it. I faced this nature of the planet where observing every move it makes from within, connects the observer instantly. Because, we are a part of this planet unlike the famous notions where the planet belongs to us. It may be true that Earth does not depend on us entirely to exist, but since it does not have a language direct enough to tell us how badly we are treating it – it burns at a speed unimaginable. It will exist, but we won’t be here when the time to survive reaches our doors.


The problem with solving climate-change, as beautifully explained by Anthony Leiserowitz, is it’s invisibility. For example, we can’t see the damage being done to the climate when on the road. If the gas coming out of every vehicle was presented in a more visual form, we would have dealt with this problem a long time ago. Moreover, we feel like it is a distant problem which the future generations will face. It might be true but it’s not. Looking at earth’s timeline, it ages nearly 4.5 billion years. Does 2100 seem as something distant from 2020 when we know that it is more than billions of years after the earth was born. I think our planet won’t even have to worry about humans. It will remain. I have realized that the concern in reality is subjective to “save the planet for us” rather than the famous perception of climate-change being just “save the planet”.

It is a very tricky problem indeed. Feeling guilty about the damage we’ve done to our planet won’t bring us the solutions. And, so does not being scared of what is to come. We will solve it, looking at the history for most of the problems faced by humanity – it is better to remain optimistic. Even if this optimism is highly polarized, it might just work.


I am excited to do more for this blog. Also, I have a lot more in store to work on. Publishing all of these works over the internet will take their own time. In the mean time, I will be working on one article every month from here on. A single post for the whole month will make it worth the wait plus the content, I believe. For this to work progressively, I will need your support in keeping this blog a busy place even when I am not here. You can make this happen by making your loved ones read my blog. Thank you!

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