When will corona die?

Another walk on the road, and we are seven in number. Us three from home and the neighbors. It is lovely, like usual, the sky today.

“Amma, when will corona die?” asks my neighbor’s kid. Her mother dials a number on the phone which makes her even more impatient. She’s always trying to make her point on our evening-walk. When morning, she’s usually as quite as the lake we walk to. We maintain a distance of seven feet. One after another, like the train of angry ants. Yes, we call ourselves ants trying to be better humans.

To avoid being at her tantrum, I answer “A few more days. Why? You love going to school that much?”

“No! I don’t ever want to go to school. It’s better this way.”

She winks back to the point made. But, her dad couldn’t say the same about his office. ‘He cannot say this about his office’ is more precise. Without having options to choose from, he chooses to risk it all.

He works at the Government, and I barely know him. With him in the front, we barely talk. And, with me at the tail, it’s easier to have fun with this kid. Must say, it’s even comfortable back here without being fed with opinions and facts. At least we both agree that Tom was Jerry’s best friend.

We talk about the sky more than corona. More about the fun in not going to school than corona. More about our personal tricks to walk on the lake than corona. But, it’s challenging for even us to not talk about the killer walking freely on these streets.

“Tonight, it will die. I just spoke with corona! Tomorrow morning, it will have died!” her mother replies with the widest smile. She just got off the phone.

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Burn a candle with your….

I wrote that title. If you were wondering “Why did Shreyas do this? Why did he not complete it? Has he forfeited all the privileges of a good title? What will the real-estate on moon be like? Will Delhi survive another emperor? Why won’t Donald Trump sing karaoke?” – well, well, well you could go on and on. But seriously, what even, I got distracted and kept the title incomplete. “But you have the control over what you publish. Why would you still leave it incomplete when you could change it to better?”

Holy Macarena, hold your wits. I am, by Sergio’s will, here to tell why.

I didn’t want to write “Burn a candle with your focus!” as previously the title was planned for today. When I just came back from a distraction I could easily not be a part of, it’s a little not so easy to keep writing about focus. Is it?

So, here’s what we’ll do.

of focus out Let’s go !

Together we lie, Divided we cry

To be, or not to be, that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of trouble

~ Hamlet

Let’s be clear, there’s no clarity of the humble life we are given. One day, I wonder. The next day, I wonder why. And another day, I simply know and know not to ask why. Most of what I see or listen to has become out of my control. Which is the best of all the knowledge I can have. Not everything is in control of one single entity. If God ever was the person to control, let it be so for even it would not be in my hands.

When we know of such less control over a few, why would we fight for it? Why would one want to rule a country? Why would one vote for a king? Stupidity comes with intelligence. And, any genius will not agree to the notions set by self as rules for them not to change. Change is the only constant, as Professor Kunnur would stress about in our chemistry classes.

Only now do I see, for it was then that I wondered asking about the ‘why’ yesterday. We are here facing the problems of the same kind. Yet, we fail to see how the other has already solved it. It is this team, and the only, of humanity ever losing it’s grip day by day. And, as always, I will force myself to believe in it for the love of my world still remains strong.

I know.


It is true what they say about people giving their best during hard times. Not everyone does it though. In fact, many fail to give their best when they’re vulnerable to such hard times. This failure, I suppose, comes only due to one reason. And, it’s the lack of support in their journey to make it through. Believe me, everyone tries to make it through. It only makes it easier for them to get out of the pit if they’re given a hand to reach out for. It puts them in comfort. And, such external comfort is not only healthy; it’s vital. Plus, it’s easily found – many just assume it’s the toughest of all to approach for help.

While there are many victims of different kinds, today I want to talk specifically about the ones who are shamed for their body. And, by shamed, I mean, who are told “You fat ugly mutt!” and not “You pumpkin, don’t eat sweets like your life depends on it.” The latter is shaming too, if you are mistaken. The only way to not shame a person is by not shaming the person.

We are living in a world where even calling out your friends by the names of age-old “tease-culture” would be considered body-shaming. I have teased many of my friends on their shape. But, these same persons talked about my shape too. This mutual trust is where both the parties know they’re vulnerable and don’t mean to hurt one another. It is only better if the ones vulnerable share the misery keeping a reminder to not deny the fact that this shaming is not only unhealthy, it is very stupid. I don’t regret having fun with my friends. Because, we friends know that we are having fun. When someone’s hurt, we know then too. And, that’s when anyone can give out a hand and pull them out. It is the victim’s silent call to the one’s shaming them to stop and also to pull them out. Many who shame – retaliate with even more shaming techniques. The few who understand, either help back or they start feeling vulnerable. It is always tricky. But, solvable.

In reality – this confrontation hardly ever happens. Not many who are body-shamed have the courage to speak up. Some even give in to the act and be normal about it. This not only breaks them down, it potentially breaks down much more – the relations and the ability to work. Not confronting your weakness, of all, is the worst you can do when body-shamed. If you can’t tell it to the person directly, tell it to someone else. Anyone will do. Just talk about it with the ones you’re comfortable talking about it. Most of the times, all you need is to talk to yourself first.

I have, in past, shamed a few people on the basis of body-shape. I didn’t know I was body-shaming these people. Fat or thin. Dark or fair. That, is the core of body-shaming: the labels plus not knowing when you shame someone. Would I change the past if I had a chance to do it? Sure. Is that the same as regret? Not really, because I know it’s a problem that can only be solved if you don’t put yourself in the same position as the one where you want to score good for your parents and not yourself. Just start preparing well for the exams. Regretting your exams in the past have never given you the results, have they?

Some hype regarding such problems is inevitable. We see many worrying about the sizes available to shop. Many are just creating problems rather solve them. Such people not only create new problems, they make it hard to solve the existing ones.

Many won’t even realise they’re cutting the mental injury deeper every time they shame someone. Many of us do it, even when we don’t realise – it’s better if you keep the rule simple. No teasing when the person tells you not to. But, better – no teasing at all. It doesn’t work most of the times because our language itself widely has evolved from such shaming. In cases where the person doesn’t tell you and laughs away, we are back at square one – not confronting our weakness. Which, seems to be very close to the core of problems in sync with body-shaming.

This is not meant to motivate anyone being body-shamed. I don’t hold the capacity or even the ability to do so. But, I am aware that the shape of a body is nowhere close to the mind’s well-being. Being active and working with love is much closer. Plus, working out works.

Even when there’s no need to change the way you look, we all need to flatten one kind of curve. To know more about it, check the following page:

I have written about my learning experience using the outbreak as a tool, you can click here to read it. Happy reading!