No one can help your writing process

If anyone had a solution to this problem, they’d be telling you their own method. Be it zoning into your desk-space or walking freely in the park to get ideas. However, there are some problems which remain common enough to be dealt with as a creator.

Let me tell you that methods are not solutions. They are just the ways you choose to do your work. The last thing a creative space would want is glorifying a common method in the face of a solution. Please, as a friend I say to fellow writers struggling with their process, don’t fall for the Internet’s loud voices. Please don’t look for solutions in the way you need to deal with writing.

Trust me, after searching these methods for nearly four years I have learnt something valuable.

There is no solution that will solve everything.

Why? Because, your problems as a creator are bound to be unique to yourself. And, so should be your ways to dealing with it. I wouldn’t know if you had problems with getting up early while my solution keeps talking about the benefits of waking up at five. It just doesn’t work even if it sounds good to have a pizza ritual every paragraph written. Exception, eating somehow feeds every known tummy and the brain. So, this ritual might work and I don’t recommend doing it alone. By the way, you wouldn’t even know if I was talking about five in the morning or the evening.

Okay, let’s not get distracted by food. But, if you’d like to – nobody’s really stopping you from having your favourite dessert. Just let me know where I can find it. Deal?

Be whatever your problems are, I am sure the solutions you thought would help just haven’t been friendly enough. Sometimes, they do awesome contributions to the writing process and other times it feels like a truck ride to the moon. We just haven’t found a way to do it.

Does this mean we stick to the ride and keep believing in it? It’s not only highly hopeful to build a bridge to the moon, it is mostly impractical. Surely we could try doing it as an experiment for fun. And, that’s all writing is about to me. It’s about having fun. Why else would I even do it?

All I want to say is, don’t let the big words on your tiny screens decide your process. Find one for yourself because there is no right one out there for everyone. But, there is a right one just for you.

And, if you’re okay with it – you’d also probably be okay without it. That is the ultimate dream, I hope. Because, guess what? You are the creator of this method and there’s no way you can’t create another one. It’s unique and at the same time even a solution to defining your problems. Talk it out and let’s keep writing safe from the tragedies of productivity!

Book Stranger

Wonder do I hourly
Juggling, kick the scar low
Rock slip fairly
Juggling, kick the scar low

Willy done with the hill
Jeopardy, one won’t be
Reels went on to fill
Jeopardy, one won’t be

Wired to the source out
Jill, jiggled joyful
Running to the fallout
Jill, jiggled joyful

Wonder do I timely
Jogging, to my beats
Ruin hunts for Presley
Juggling, to my deeds

What’s good about these bad times?

In a world with increasing screen-time, distance while socializing and not to forget the saddening fatalities – it is a little hard to give ourselves the better-perspective lenses. It is written clear in the words of “hard times” that there’s nothing so good about it to live and thrive on. Does this mean we sit back and feel prey to these times? When many around us want to rain insane balls and shower their misery on the collective nature of humanity – I want to talk about these “better-perspective” lenses I found in my cupboard, my shelves and the never ending absence of wind in a room.

Let’s begin with opening the windows. Now, we have wind.


Look for old stuff in your closet or mostly your mom’s closet. You get to live, literally, your childhood in a time where everything seems so uncertain. Past has happened, for sure. And, if you haven’t had a traumatic childhood where the dad killed your Jewish friends, go ahead and rejoice those sweet memories. Everyone has at least one according to Stephen Hitler.

This is one of the book’s last pages from my 11th Class

Just in case you realise you had a childhood full of boredom. Prove yourself wrong now.


End is an hoax to the list of activities one can do at home. From drawing those mountains to capturing those clouds on your phone. We are, ones with digital devices, the luxurious group of people in this world right now with the situation given at hand. Even if it means tiring your eyes while just watching a lot of screen – it looks far better than going out and risking our lives with a novel disease.

My house, from an angle

Here’s a list of activities you can do or already do at home. They are tough.

  1. Reading
  2. Drawing
  3. Watching Netflix
  4. Drinking tonnes of water
  5. Photography and just anything involving “busy”


It’s not that easy to find new elements to shoot at one place repeatedly. So, that’s really the only kind of creative drill you might want yourself to go through to push up your game. Once there’s nothing to shoot, you can be sure that it’s the saturation we all have already reached. If you are an artist I’d suggest you create. And, creating something new must not be a burden at all.

I don’t have high-end cameras or even the low-end gears for photography. Literally, everything I have is a brick with lenses. Two of them. I shot these photos on my Nokia 6.1 Plus, trying to achieve the canvas after painting:

Of all, it’s completely okay if you fail at finding any better-perspective lenses for yourself. Because, if it were not hard you’d have found it even without this quarantine.

So, light up and fly like it’s your time!