I want to go there and live wondering about life for the rest of it. It’s not really a dream when you don’t just wish for but want it. And, I want to sink myself with the meanings to life given to our planet by mankind.

In Italy.

Why Italy? Why not stay faithful to your country right where you were born? And, why Italy? Because, I don’t know if the real sense of being an Indian is to stay here or even that of being a man of art is to be in Italy. But, I know it talks to live in harmony. Pity borders defined by the British lawyers who barely knew this country won’t stop a man from living his dreams. But, they do delay my journey as my fellow travelers have been delayed by their borders.

I don’t want to talk about what I want to do in Italy. Mostly, because I don’t know for myself. Knowing what happens in a dream is not what I sleep into. As the free world would want it, I’ll let the moment decide when my feet set on the magic-land.

It is a dream. And, why Italy?

A Glass Full of Empty

One gallon of water in one little container in the ocean of seas. So small, and yet so big to our bodies for a day. What do we compare our problems with? The others who have solved theirs and living their life. Or, to those having a harder time than us?

You can compare to any one of these. But, you can’t feel good because of it. Some might feel good looking at those with terrible times. And, it is a feeling I’d never want to feel at home with. I know that such comparisons are not only temporary, but clearly helpless to my situations – be whatever.

My point is, like ourselves – our problems are unique. But, there is always similarities. Looking at such similarities, it is only better not to compare. Just looking at them and if there’s anything to learn, I’ll grab my book and note my brain-cells of such information.

Our life unto now is nothing more than memory and what we make of these memories. Life ahead is nothing more than dreams. Repeating itself, now is all that really is.

Notes to the one who has entered 20s

Dear Shreyas,

Here are a few tips from yourself learning from the amazing life so far. Even when you are self-obsessed, you are made to believe in the notions of the millennia. In which, you might just turn out to be a narcissist. Apart from wanting your work to define you, it is always safe to trust in the generation’s hardships offered.

If it means to be old-school, it is always better than duplicating the generation’s deeds. Creating. Because doing that means you might just not be of the future-cool or even the “old-school.”

It means to be of now.

Slowing down helps you

Most of the times, your actions have been better when done with time. You take time to realise. It is this abundant time you feel as your companion in any hard-period. A chigga outbreak, or an year of depressing thoughts. It is time and light that will guide you.

Spontaneity too has given you joy incomparable.

Living now

As Buddha’s lessons have taught you, living now is the ultimate achievement you seek for in a moment. Believe whatever you want to, but let it be now that you believe in. Wondering if tomorrow you’ll have a job or why you didn’t have one yesterday – has got you nowhere. When you did stop doing it, you have written nearly 14,000 words on a blog. You had offers and chances to make money you never wished for. You cleared 17 backlogs in a year. Remember, passing 20 subjects is different from clearing one subject. And, you did it.

You traveled to the mountains and the sea. And this guy has already given you the medal. You lost it. But, you still have to reach the highest mountains, swim with the currents and live with the trees.

Your life’s quality is independent

Of money. Of time. Of space. And, of anyone.

You are not writing screenplays. You are reading more often. Blah. You love the skies with your family. You rock smiles with your friends. Blah.

Your writing is just about good. You love visuals. You do good photography. Blah. You want to make films. I can’t write notes at a stretch about fMRI (GitHub plug) let alone you. Back to fMRI. Blah. You are doing fine with the works of all kind that you dream of. And, time has never been enough. But, you hope for the dreams as always.

You are awesome.