Evasive Action

Truth never damages a cause that is just.

Mahatma Gandhi

My life has had a good share of lies.

Yes, I reckon it is courage that anyone can admit to. To have lied. And, there could not have been a better way to be honest than to reveal your dishonesty. I have never felt better to lie than to confess my lies.

One such instance where I could have had mostly the emotional leverage on lying was during a breakup. Many do. And, what did I do to feel foolish then?

I just told that I lied. Removes that ultimate potential in going hands to hand with the devil on your toes. I can imagine how bad any happy feeling you could be living when it all stays on the grounds of a lie.

I could have easily evaded many such parts of my life. And, I have. The outcome is either me having an extra piece of chicken or a confession.

Bowing down to hypocrisy for I am ultimately a human. For I ultimately cannot tell the accurate message, if not lie.

What more could be closer to the truth?