Kaolin’s breath

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Kaolin doesn’t understand most of the magic we do here at Hogwarts. So far, we have been agreeing to whatever we put forth in the hypothesis.

Photo by Soyoung Han

An alien should not have been my only option for a friend with thousands of earthly wizards around me. But, I know better. I can’t be complaining about the way Kaolin’s nose always keeps dripping of hot pieces of glass or even that an alien is my friend here.

There’s a way in which Kaolin has adapted. To breathe on Earth.

The way it works is with a small invisible socket collecting these pieces of glass and somehow the other end of this portal still remains a mystery to me. Unlike carbon-dioxide, these pieces remain harmless in his village. My best guess is it’s even useful over there. It is frightening on earth to see those hot pieces of cruelty drip from the kind nostrils. And, maybe kindness has a different meaning in his village.

Photo by Orane Thomas

By the way, I confirmed that Kaolin should be referred to as a male. Happens that even their world deals with reproduction like earthlings. However, he still does not feel it righteous to tell me the name of his village or even his planet’s galaxy. Strangely, I have accepted this much of information having ignorant wizards around me who always remain silent when I show up.

I wish Harry Potter was here, every night before going to bed. I wish anyone from that year was still here.

It’s better anyways to have Kaolin by my side. We are meeting more frequently than ever. Only Dumbledore and us two know of these meetings. Until we find something, we have decided to remain as a secret. Much like science.

Yesterday, me and Kaolin felt like there’s a need of language other than magic between us. I mean, we do have ourselves working on the science. Only time will tell us how to speak.

To be continued.

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Dulled to the chaos within

At Hogwarts, it never feels like home to me. I don’t get along with Draco, if that was something to be inferred from that statement. It’s just that no one really gets me here. I talk of science way too much.

Dumbledore, once even made me stay away from the potions for nearly a whole year. But, my muggle-dad convinced him of the potential I showed in the vacations that came after. Until then, for reasons I still don’t understand, Dumbledore thought it is safe for science to stay away from the world of magic.

He’s wrong. But, not entirely.

Before I met Wizard Kaolin, the one who gave me a potion I’ll never forget, I was mostly not a wizard. I was, however, declared one by the school’s ministry.

I get it, my mother was very close to discovering the pathway between magic and science. I remember her telling me the possibilities of magic and science being the same. This threatened the Ministry of Magic and Dumbledore was put on a mission to destroy whatever proof that might be out there to save magic from the miseries of science. He, as my father told, refused to his last spoon on the dining table the day he was given orders.

But, he couldn’t do much more than destroy her memory.

Photo by Kaboompics

Believing in science, as he strangely did for a wizard so powerful, he let me be a part of the school. I am mostly discarded by anyone here. But, Dumbledore knows that it is the only way science will work in a place like this. Or, even in a place where magic is looked upon as strangely as the black-holes.

Failing at numerous hypothetical experiments helps the scientist realise the importance of trying in an endeavor. Maybe one day I’ll have to be the one who brought science into Hogwarts like it’d have to be main-stream. Many won’t like it. And, that’s fine as long as they don’t hate me for bringing magic to Harvard.

So, Kaolin.

He comes from a village far away from this world. And, even Hogwarts. It never occurred to me that the science of aliens could, in fact, be magic to humans. He gave me the potion of “Dulrose” as he tried to name it to the conventions of our world, earth.

Photo by SpaceX

It gave the one who took it, an immensely sharper sense for one among the five existing. It’s your choice and you get to choose only one of the senses as your power. Since I’d want to look more deeply into the micro-universe of any material I test for a macro-level inference. Or, the structural behaviour in molecules of a potion I might be working with.

I chose sight, to see the hidden truths of science in magic.

To be continued.

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