Will that work?

I’m trying to remember a moment of kindness. From someone I know, love or spoke to as a stranger. Strangers are always kind to me and I can hardly remember a time when it was troublesome. You know it is tough to speak to a stranger only if they start judging you. This hardly happens if none of you do it. One starts and the whole trip goes opposite to kindness and you will bury the fact.

Now, as I try to remember a moment of kindness, I realise there must have been many. So many that I can’t pick the moment out of my timeline to find it as unique. Partially, it’s all my memory’s fault to not signify these hours. I mean, they are precious to me. But, somehow it is very common to my mind – this kindness.

Maybe that’s how I’ll remain grateful to this life. By taking everything that comes my way as kind enough to be normal and not a memory. Will that work?

Why create on the internet?

I just published my first episode on Involuntary Comfort. It’s a podcast where stories are the source of life. Not necessarily fiction. In future episodes we’ll be expecting guests from around the world.

I’m looking for feedback, so please comment what you think about this pilot episode. Thank you for listening!


What makes you feel like you have a voice? Is it to speak out loud? Or, is it to listen to yourself? Perhaps, listening to others?

To me, the best definition to having a voice is to be able. Capable of creating your own perception of this world. I don’t think there is a voice in believing someone just because it sounds good. But, it’s the agreement in which our voices sound better. Even in silence.

Your private life is also mine

Is it okay to admit our digital transformation as humans? I am glad to be one of those who got to experience this change and be a part of it. Born in 1998 in India, I am one of the perfect examples you can find to talk about the change for numerous reasons. Most important of all, we fall in the group of people who are the change. And, not the observers of this change. That’s our parents.

I don’t know much about life before the internet because it mostly doesn’t exist to me the way it does to my parents. That’s because of the timing I was introduced to this digital world.

My age of obvious change, adolescence, was mostly influenced with the use of internet. YouTube and whatever comes beyond a Google search was done with the same entropy our universe believes in. It’s important to note that this influence has a lot to do with the way I now look at life. Not only did I discover porn, I also discovered the way a person has to earn money to make a living, the reasons why it is good to be different and how Steve Jobs lived. Plus, about how motivation to meet a person could be devastating. He shouldn’t have died.

When we come across so much of information in real life too, we don’t get to learn much about how to masturbate or even about how to get a job to earn money. What we learn is just about what is to be learnt. More importantly, I know with the use of internet that opinions vary drastically from mind to mind itself. So, no doubt they’d be different with the face of just a name on the screen.

However, during the age of internet, it is quite obvious to see how this can be different from the 20th Century. A couple of reasons could be:

  1. There’s way more knowledge to share. Meaning, you can actually learn, what you think is to be learnt, within a few clicks.
  2. It’s mostly free. Meaning, the ease of access to this knowledge is getting more affordable every year.

Coming to the point of privacy, this ease of access and sharing has changed the way we perceive privacy. If it isn’t changed already, it is happening. Don’t get me wrong, it was generally hard to not go out and play cricket every evening with my friends from different schools. By hard, I mean way harder than not reacting to a WhatsApp notification. It is surely more complicated now to think about the childish gambles I’d take on speeding a Fiat on a crowded road. This has changed and I don’t think my age has anything to do with it but the amount of opinions we receive over a course of time with the addition of internet. More importantly, it is not good to speed a car at 14 or even 22 on a crowded road. This is how independent our perceptions will remain with or without the internet.

Looking at others I instantly think about me in the same situation, usually subconsciously. I wouldn’t know, but it is easier to compare my life with others with access to the internet. Mostly, during this comparison I realise how less (or even extremely) different my life is compared to Ella or Lou from other countries.

I too feel sad like the poets on WordPress. And, happy like other poets, also on WordPress. I too find it hard to understand this world like the millennial intellects complaining about screen-time.

Not just that, I also feel uncertain about how these people might actually perceive any of what I do. Definitely, we are not the same and even different. But, what we experience is highly common and thus uniquely different in the way we look at these common intersections.

Your private life is mine too. But, mine is not yours either.

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