No, thanks!

A thousand places near my city are worth the visit. Splendid blue skies, lush green fields and closer-to-the-moon mountains. I may want to visit all those spots on our planet where I’ll get to know more about it. Understand it, live with it. If that’s not the way to live – I’ll know I tried to do something about it and eventually lived anyway.

But, strangely there are a few places I’d not want to visit. Bare my mind’s awful conclusions of these places. Or, the wildly wide-spread interpretations. One would be hell, if it exists. Even heaven, what’s that really? But mainly, I don’t want to be near a black-hole even if I could get to know about it more at it’s deep end. Nope. Thanks.

I’d rather choose to live than die in trying to learn something I wouldn’t be able to process for myself. Forget me passing on the knowledge. I wouldn’t even know if I know.

Book Stranger

Wonder do I hourly
Juggling, kick the scar low
Rock slip fairly
Juggling, kick the scar low

Willy done with the hill
Jeopardy, one won’t be
Reels went on to fill
Jeopardy, one won’t be

Wired to the source out
Jill, jiggled joyful
Running to the fallout
Jill, jiggled joyful

Wonder do I timely
Jogging, to my beats
Ruin hunts for Presley
Juggling, to my deeds