Haul Up, Grawl Down

I don’t know what you’d be doing in New York.

Due to my conscience, it makes me only possible to feel as if others are thinking about me differently. Like I do about them. Keeping up with the sense, I somehow flow up and down – forward. If there is any ambiguity in my words, look more into them.

“Human” by Jon Bellion

Ego is very critical. It holds the power to defy the righteousness, on the common grounds which one views this creation we all love and live in. It hurts me very bad to see a few around me running around the streets like they are the dogs from the sisterhood of power and money. They have done nothing in their life. That should say a lot about these men and women, who walk around with high esteem like they have achieved something by liking dank memes from 9gag and not RVCJ memes. Also, they buy Gucci over Nike. Unfortunately, we are at those standards where Nike has become the underdog to a few. Rich kids, and only rich kids, are talking about Gucci like they have been living at the Queen’s Palace all their life. She left us, when will you leave her?

there’s no sun, but it’s there

Me defining, or even trying to define this problem of ego is a sure shot of failure, at my level of experience with it. It’s only fair if I see and observe these people who are very obvious at showing their worth.

Fortunately, I can make sense out of these observations. These people, as I refer to them by “these people” would flip out by me refering to them this way. Somehow, their brains have already decided it’s not the right thing and they should act on it. Also, there are “wrong” things registered in their minds. When these happen, they will act. But, even here – they will make it an obvious action, where you will know for sure that it was Narendra Modi who started the Swachh Bharat campaign. This does not mean Narendra Modi is an egoistic personality, because as I am not, he is still a human. If it ever occured to you that I am addressing him as an example for how egoistic people behave, you have to work on the way you read blogs.

If you found that discomforting, about me telling you to learn how to read blogs, you might be facing problems in the way you take suggestions. So, learn how to read blogs and mostly how to live. Because, many have literally forgotten that learning is a part of this life since we all are busy spreading hate like a diabetologist distributing chocolates. It’s not wrong, but it’s wrong specifically.

You have seen people around you call out others for them having a good physique. They appreciate this. It feels like an appreciation, because that is what the society has set the definition as for something to be appreciated. I’ll tell you why, as I have observed, this happens.

leaves can be red too

If someone says “You have a good height”, he means you have a good height. And, she always does. Now, when you’re short, they do not address you with the label “good” or even “bad”. They instead say “You are too short”. The same applies for any trait you see being a compliment in and around the world. So, the next time you are called out, think again – because you might not be called out. I know it’s better if we stop looking for some kind of meaning in everything.

I hope we all one day will stop labeling things by good and bad, and furthermore defy the labels of high and low.


I heard you want to be happy.

Today, 10th October is Mental Health Day.

While we live our normal routine of attending college, being with friends, living with family or just going to that cubicle work space at the office – we forget to live with ourselves. To learn how to get comfortable with yourself turns out to be the ultimate lesson one can start with if the person cares about the mind.

Today, I am not going to get philosophical or just clean deep with the subject at hand – mental health. Instead, I am going to present you my techniques slash practices which can help you train your mind. These are not always going to work. Yeah, it’s going to be a waste of time. So, let’s start? 

Books(or any set of words)

Whether you are uncomfortable with the world outside or just plain lonely. You can feel better while reading something. It opens up a new world of learning your mind can have. I get to be completely lost in the world set by the words I read. This choice of perceptions before you decide your perspective about anything helps in maintaining that line of comfort between your brain and your mind

            There are a few books I’d like to suggest. But, you sure do know that you are the best person to decide which books to read. 

  • Consciousness Explained by Daniel C Dennett 
  • The Bhagavad Gita by Eknath Easwaran
  • The Heart of the Buddha’s Teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh
  • An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison

If you don’t like reading, next one might help you.


This one is a little biased as I love films. It works for me crazy good. You get to live characters you imagine yourself in – without any consequences in real life. Even if you have consequences of indulging into a movie, you have to appreciate the work of hypnosis here. Bravo, Christopher Nolan.

Just in case you are an alien to good movies, which is never the case. But, still:

  • The 40-Year-Old Virgin, 2005
  • One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1975
  • Joker, 2019
  • Taxi Driver, 1976
  • Scent of a Woman, 1992

The list is endless. Hit me up.

Talking to someone

Image result for talking to inner self meme

It need not be a therapist generally, anyone you find comforting will work. But, a therapist is suggested if you really find the need. And, usually you don’t feel the need to talk to a therapist, especially in India as it is considered low-key taboo even now. 

Your friends and or family are a great set of people to talk about your problems. Why? Because you can be sure about not being judged to conclusions. Meaning, you will be judged by anyone you talk to because humans do that. You are judging, right now, these words, right here. Judging something is different from making conclusions. You get it – judgemental thinking is not good. Live a little, will you?

I am not sure if you can rely on Artificial Intelligence for the purpose of talking about your problems. I can see how it can turn out to work. But, I am not sure. 


here. click here.

So, these are my ways to help my mind clear the load off. You can see that these are the most basic things anyone of any age can do legally. Like I said, a waste of time. And, that’s life! Just kidding. Too dark, eh? That’s life! Just kidding. Too real, eh? That’s life. Too much, eh? That’s not life. Whoa, that was something.

I will be talking more about this particular subject because it seems very interesting to me that many of you don’t really know much about mental health. Because, even I don’t. If you just accept the fact that you don’t know much will work extremely fine for you to actually get better with your mind. Just keep it open, that will do the job. That, I know.

I uploaded more pictures on my Instagram. Really enjoying the process of creating something new out of what already exists. Check it out by clicking on the coloured slash first word of this paragraph.

He’s telling the truth.


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