Six words story!

Today, the moon wants to burn.

Photo by Rahul

In school, I felt like Moon could have been described better. Better than the way I was told how it is not an original source of light. How the Moon takes it from Sun, bounces it back to us. No!

I know that the Moon has it’s own shine. And, it needs no definition of light. It’s surface, it’s material itself is so far from the materialistic conclusions about this magical bright.

I made a film, a tiny one, on this concept:

Indian Space Adventures

It is not a National Space Day in India. In fact, we don’t have any such day to celebrate our success in the void of history we all can refer to now, as space for now is the future this void beholds. I love physics.

And, the coolest way for anyone to mingle with their friends, I suppose is talking about the stars in a way that baffles almost everyone. But, not forgetting laughter.

Maybe the figures themselves leaves us all thinking how small we are. Yet, we discover the unimaginable. I wanted to be a scientist, as I remember from school. And, later somehow wanted to be an engineer myself. It was not forced by my parents, this thought of becoming an engineer when the whole of India dreams the same.

As a kid, it was really a task to decide one. Scientist or engineer. So, here’s what I told myself – an Aerospace Engineer. I’ll get to do the work of both, the crazy scientist and on field (space, really) work like a man of technology. This, however was the number one priority. The next job, as I called it Plan B, was to be a photo-journalist.

I guess I am following the Plan C where it is pretty clear how unexpected a journey can be. Because, Plan C now has mostly all of it. And, I can’t just stick to a single dream as it might just end up getting destroyed. But, I don’t stop working for them to come true. It’s almost, a way of living I find the relief in.

It is a way in which our space agency works, here in India. You’ll not find sure shot hits here. You’ll find failures too. And, the ones you find thrilling are because of such failures. We are having a huge leap in this world through ISRO, the Indian representative in a world outside ours.

Recently, Chandrayaan 2 failed partially. Maybe because never was any mission like this tried before. It was a dream for the bigger ones. It still so happens that we have an orbiter and no clue about the lander. Vikram, as it is named, most probably collapsed right when the landing happened. The mood across the whole nation was done for the day, and no-one really knew how to react other than the scientists looking for the mistakes and as a nation, to march forward.

Such failures can be the analogy you
use for the ones in life.

In this Whatever-We-Have

Do you remember anything good about yesterday? Do you feel good about it even today? What will you do about it tomorrow? 

I hope nothing bad happens to you. But, we all know something terrible is to happen someday. I don’t feel good in being sure about it. It scares me. I need this contrast very badly because I believe this whatever-we-have is whole only with the colours expanding to their extremities – black and white. I don’t want to confirm that black is the dark part of it, that way even this slightest feeling about something terrible to happen fades away in uncertainty. What is dark and what is bright? Who gets to decide that? I feel good again about not being sure.

It’s always better to not believe that something terrible is going to happen. Just as the way you are not sure if you will be someone with a penthouse somewhere in a metro, you also can’t be sure if you will end up homeless. You are sure about this one fact – anything can happen, be it the penthouse or be it the footpath. There’s no judgement that being in a penthouse in a metro is good for your life if all you look for in life is some time to look at the city while you sit on the bench – on the footpath. 

I am sick of uncertainty to be honest, maybe, I don’t know. I sometimes want to be sure about something and other times it feels too good to not know about anything. Maybe we’ll have our whole life to look for answers in the faces, the trees and the words. Maybe we’ll know the answers to all of it, one day. To keep us alive, we need questions to ask this whatever-we-have. We need answers too, otherwise there is no point in you getting on the bike every morning hurrying up to the classroom just so that you don’t get kicked out of the class, even before getting into it. It is a bad feeling about which I don’t give a shit. What if I got kicked out? What’s the worst that could happen? I am sure as hell that I won’t not be having a good time of my life just because someone thought “Hey! It’s wrong to be late when you want to learn about something” Who sets the rules to the way you learn about anything? Did anyone tell you that you had be on time at the front door of your house every Sunday morning at 08:13:00 Eastern Time to learn how you cut your nails? I hope you have not been asked to do that. If you have been, we still have time. 

All we do is think and think we do. I made a few pictures which you can see on this page. You can check out my Instagram for more of these. I had a lot of fun in creating them. These pictures are my way of telling this world that magic can be real. And that I too believe life can be just as fun as I thought it was watching Tom & Jerry hurrying up to school ten years ago while eating my chapati-roll. I hope you like them. If not, I hope you get kicked out of the class tomorrow.

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