Three Songs from 2019-20

To tell about the past year, I choose songs. It is not easy to confide the whole of past year in just three songs. I’ll try not to miss my favorites. Having said that, I’m sure I’ll do.

If songs could define my life’s story, I’d find them more sensible than any journal or a person talking about it. Maybe it’s because life is not so strictly true with a statement. It feels like songs would help give a person the justice in telling it’s story. Without the labels of actuality. But, with the sense of reality being surprisingly intact.

Imperfect, that’s what life is. So, anyone listening to songs perceives about a story the singer tells – to not be understood in it’s entirety. No force of statements causing no force of judgment either. Music gives me that support to be okay with not understanding our lives.

Here are my three favourite songs I listened to in the past year. It is just human to be a child. And, not the other way around.

The Trip

If you’d like to listen to my bingo. playlist on Spotify, here you go:

Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony this life