Talking vs. Texting

Texting is a form of talking, sure. But, I personally feel it’s way too easy to mask your emotions while speaking over text. And, emotions are a vital element in talking and expressing what you feel.

Today, we might be feeling okay with some mishap someone did over the text. And, later the same day it feels like ‘not really’ and you have already forgiven the deed. Which is good, but only the honesty in it seems to be null. That, is not good. The same goes with apologizing too. It’s very easy to text your apologies than speaking over the phone. Forget doing it in person these days. In some cases, if you find it really hard to do the deed – texting helps. One of the smaller group of benefits.

It’s like the earth shivers with you for the mistake done. Chill pill, have one and float off. You have no idea how good it feels to do the things you do online in real life, off-the-screens.

Considering the pandemic we all live in, it is quite hard to do so. And, even if the harms of performing online seem to be frightening. It’s far better and even healthier than spreading the outbreak by aiding it.

Worst times, best ever!

Personally, this past month has been a roller coaster working on quite a list of endeavors. This blog, mainly, has had the visible success in numbers and mainly the writing. I guess penning down everyday here is not going to be a “task” as opposed to something I’d do daily. Like, going to college.

I know.

The internet poses great challenges to use it as a tool for making money. Firstly, there are many more bloggers than I’d have imagined, now that I get to interact with a few of them. Doing so, takes me further away from wanting to monetize on this site as early as now. Before, it was only me posting on my domain-version of the blog. I never realised how good the community on a site like WordPress could be – where most of us are writing, clicking photographs, researching the hidden treasures of science and just creating. Readers’ traffic from WordPress particularly is quite interesting.

Plus, I am learning about the names of countries I never imagined to be a happening reason to my life. To add more to this fact, there are people reading my articles from these very countries holding me as a noob in Geography. As if Sir Dev Prasad from school was not enough to prove me wrong about my lacking interest in social-studies. It is always going to be the subject I look back to.

Here’s a creature from Botswana, a wild, wild country. Also, a name I never knew.

Talking to fellow bloggers feels so right. I interacted with Lou, a craftsman. Having conversations with someone so far and feeling safely progressive to be of art, is a feeling I’ll treasure. I want to ride in the sea with Lou and his stories from the ocean. Then, we’ll not have to worry about a virus hitting any borders. Right?

I am very grateful for the life gifted to me by my known, and now even the unknown. It feels surreal to be living the life you dream of. I am, indeed, loving the life as it remains in me. And, that’s all I ever really hoped for.

What can one lose when all he has is the breath shared with the never ending skies, the oceans until horizon, the birds mocking the flee and humans to enjoy all of it while the mountains roar for my presence in the most of this life.

Thank you!