Shape up or ship out

What would I tell anger?

Thank you for deciding to go away. But, you need to hurry up.

This pace is getting us nowhere. I mean, there is huge progress but since you’re a human trait I guess you are no good to the world’s benefit these days. Humans loving other humans is taboo in few places so I wouldn’t doubt how you are perceived.

Do people love having you? When you put your face on theirs, do they smile? Or, do they cry behind you? I bet no one likes having you. And, that’s the thing. Why do we have you? Confusing our little minds you seem to have control about, you always disappoint.

Some days you have a voice like you are a dinosaur. And, on others you are as quite as my fish in the ocean.

Why do you even exist? Just go away. From my life and from these words.

Cleo and her heart

Never had I imagined to see the widely spoken Hindu mantra while watching Roma. A Spanish film based in the 20th Century far from Indian cultures. Yet, so close to human nature.

“Shantih” means to be in peace. Silence.

It is repeated after every mantra-induced function at my home. Too regularly. As a child, it felt very normal and honestly even boring to repeat these words. Maybe because most of the mantras are forced upon us without making us understand their meaning. Only if I knew to chant mantras meant to believe in mankind’s prosperity, I’d be doing it without the need to abscond these meant-to-be parties.

People here usually have an event to chant mantras and save themselves from any kind of misery. But, it’s always more than just chanting mantras. This belief is way more stronger than the belief in mankind. Some do it to be saved. Some do it to prosper. But, those I saw chanting with fear are facing God as their last choice. It’s their choice to fear the God, then so be it.

To me these mantras don’t end up as a fear. They are literature of importance and genius. These are words dancing along the nature’s rhythm. Weird as it is, the ‘Shantih Shantih Shantih’ mantra is usually the most followed ritual even in the (not so) modern India. Maybe because it is as simple as it can get.

Imagine a world where peace was the only option. The film Roma dreams of it and I too.

If I didn’t speak much about the movie, it is only because I want my readers to watch it for themselves. Which is the way I like to talk about movies on this blog and everywhere else. The experience is unique to everyone like their minds.

Also, this is the fourth article in “Something About the Movie” plus the 69th day on my streak in WordPress. Feels like writing on this blog is as regular as having a bath. Both got better exponentially over three months of time. For this, I’d like to take a moment and thank myself. Chaou.