The Streets can Talk

India, as might be looked upon as a not-so-rich country globally, is praised for it’s richness in terms of culture and community. Because, believe it or not – we Indians live in a society with such diversity that we fail to realise how united we are. Comparatively, to the world outside we are very much like the other regions worldwide known for a co-dependent life. One of those regions is Ogimi of Japan, the village of longevity.

When we talk about streets, it is usually the crowd and the packed sense of a road that comes to our mind. But, we all know streets of a different kind exist too. The ones where it is not hassle that leads the rhythm of the road, but the calm and not-so-street look of the road that could still be considered the dream street in our age. I mean, we can hardly find such a street in the busy cities we live in. Although, we do see it happening to the busiest roads worldwide when the chigga showed us how devastating a pandemic could be to the normal lifestyle we all had been living. But, one of the positive side that is helping me survive this is the fact that we have never seen anything like this, not even the recent generation before us. There are hardly any survivors of The Spanish Flu who live among us.

Today, I wanted to share with you the busiest streets of the world giving a different kind of message. Photographers are mentioned at the bottom of each picture. Thanks to the artists for helping us see how beautiful the world would be even without the busy. I believe this post will be issued with potential copyright feuds, where I won’t get to speak. Although, I believe there would be a problem if I were monetizing from the blog. Which is currently the only thing not happening on the blog. That day might just be too far. And, the post might be deleted before I know it. So, don’t make this famous. Or, do.

I always thought Times Square was the place I needed to be for it is the busiest thing I could find on the internet when I started using the internet. One could argue it was just the neon that attracted me. Plus, Casey Neistat made sure the love for New York came in all sizes all the while making us love films. It is where artists perform, the engineers walk to their offices and chefs cook you food like it’s home. I dream.

And, here’s New York City, to begin with.

Todd Heisler

It does not fail to live, even when there’s no human to breathe.

Laetitia Vancon

No rats either.

Maria Contreras

So much to snack.

Saumya Khandelwal

Don’t Delhi-6 me.

It is a beautiful collection on The New York Times, you can find it here now that I have already made my point.

I repeat,

Streets are beautiful, with or without metabolism.


It has been a calculable time since I did this and yet it feels the same. I sit down at my chair in a room (mostly) done by me. Then, I set up my space pushing away the books, papers, pens, wrappers, even bananas and empty glasses of water on my desk so that I can write. I put on the music, preferably anything which does not have any obvious meaning to it. Meaning, no words of a language I already know or even better – no words at all. You see I like music in the way it leaves me with infinite stories. All of these possibilities concur at a single point of belief where meaning need not exist. This arrangement of a sea of chances on a single piece of hope is very much like our planet. The one we all are destroying.

Welcome to the progressive growth this blog is bound to be a part of. Now, I write.


I have received many messages in my life. And not just on WhatsApp, but even in the form of letters, mails and human voices. In all of these messages, there is a common point of understanding. These messages could be different and even irrelevant to each other. Yet, they all look the same when I see them just as what they are. Before you dig any deeper and misunderstand what I might have meant, please pause. Because, what I mean by messages is not the conclusion of them being a formulaic sense of communication, or the communication itself but the literal meaning of them being ultimately just a message. A set of letters or an arrangement of these sets at the best. You might think of it (plainly) as a poorly exciting way of looking at life in general. I differ, because I am sure that stories get much more exciting after they are received with no former understanding before. It is always a better option for me to not have such former understandings at all in the first place to come what may. They ruin many elements which matter to the experience I am having or might have later. And, it is by experience I hold such views.

I prefer to journal matters of my life either after they are done being experienced or well before they begin. A few don’t begin while some never stop being. This sole conundrum allows me to maintain a dumber violation of my choices just in case I do journal any of it while it happens.


Precisely speaking, there’s very little to add in the bucket of changes my life has had since the last time I wrote on this blog. Not to forget, it still is a calculable time. I still attend college, waste a lot of money, spend humanitarian times with fellow humans and try to do something creative every day. The last thing I do in the sentence before this one, is the only part that can be said to have changes in the way I do it constantly.


Time and again, it is the creative aspect of my life where I see evidence. Evidence for it to work every single time. I make an edit, it works. I write a program, it works most of the times. I make a video, it works. I make anything, it potentially has already worked itself out before it even exists. That’s the comforting part of creativity to me. Ever since I got the taste of it’s outcomes in a palpable way. I know that inventive thinking gets me to the places of peace and harmony. It brings in a kind of relief only I’d know how to put into words. A few of the times that I try to express this relief, I don’t regularly have the form of language to put forth my understanding. Usually during such times, rarely do I have the wishes to even voice the courteous experience I might have had.

I believe it is not in the list of right choices to see creativity as one entity. Or, as an entity at all. It does not have a defined meaning which remains the same throughout. Painting a portrait of Mona Lisa, I believe, is just as much creative as joining two points on a paper. It is our humane pity little mind that would consider such comparison as an insult towards the painter. The painter mostly knows that this human came up with only one way to join the two points. A straight line. Hardly, this human might have thought of two ways while he or she was busy building up the hate towards such comparison. When triggered of this fault in the human, the human ceases to be.


It simply can’t begin anywhere for it has no certain form of existence. Creativity is not modest enough to fall for the notions defined by a modest being, the human. It can’t simply “be” to me. Progressively, it is moving in every direction imaginable.


When I tripped to Marasanige, a village with hardly more than ten houses to count, I happened to be closer with this planet. I have always been close to it. I faced this nature of the planet where observing every move it makes from within, connects the observer instantly. Because, we are a part of this planet unlike the famous notions where the planet belongs to us. It may be true that Earth does not depend on us entirely to exist, but since it does not have a language direct enough to tell us how badly we are treating it – it burns at a speed unimaginable. It will exist, but we won’t be here when the time to survive reaches our doors.


The problem with solving climate-change, as beautifully explained by Anthony Leiserowitz, is it’s invisibility. For example, we can’t see the damage being done to the climate when on the road. If the gas coming out of every vehicle was presented in a more visual form, we would have dealt with this problem a long time ago. Moreover, we feel like it is a distant problem which the future generations will face. It might be true but it’s not. Looking at earth’s timeline, it ages nearly 4.5 billion years. Does 2100 seem as something distant from 2020 when we know that it is more than billions of years after the earth was born. I think our planet won’t even have to worry about humans. It will remain. I have realized that the concern in reality is subjective to “save the planet for us” rather than the famous perception of climate-change being just “save the planet”.

It is a very tricky problem indeed. Feeling guilty about the damage we’ve done to our planet won’t bring us the solutions. And, so does not being scared of what is to come. We will solve it, looking at the history for most of the problems faced by humanity – it is better to remain optimistic. Even if this optimism is highly polarized, it might just work.


I am excited to do more for this blog. Also, I have a lot more in store to work on. Publishing all of these works over the internet will take their own time. In the mean time, I will be working on one article every month from here on. A single post for the whole month will make it worth the wait plus the content, I believe. For this to work progressively, I will need your support in keeping this blog a busy place even when I am not here. You can make this happen by making your loved ones read my blog. Thank you!

Comment what you think about mangoes.

Haul Up, Grawl Down

I don’t know what you’d be doing in New York.

Due to my conscience, it makes me only possible to feel as if others are thinking about me differently. Like I do about them. Keeping up with the sense, I somehow flow up and down – forward. If there is any ambiguity in my words, look more into them.

“Human” by Jon Bellion

Ego is very critical. It holds the power to defy the righteousness, on the common grounds which one views this creation we all love and live in. It hurts me very bad to see a few around me running around the streets like they are the dogs from the sisterhood of power and money. They have done nothing in their life. That should say a lot about these men and women, who walk around with high esteem like they have achieved something by liking dank memes from 9gag and not RVCJ memes. Also, they buy Gucci over Nike. Unfortunately, we are at those standards where Nike has become the underdog to a few. Rich kids, and only rich kids, are talking about Gucci like they have been living at the Queen’s Palace all their life. She left us, when will you leave her?

there’s no sun, but it’s there

Me defining, or even trying to define this problem of ego is a sure shot of failure, at my level of experience with it. It’s only fair if I see and observe these people who are very obvious at showing their worth.

Fortunately, I can make sense out of these observations. These people, as I refer to them by “these people” would flip out by me refering to them this way. Somehow, their brains have already decided it’s not the right thing and they should act on it. Also, there are “wrong” things registered in their minds. When these happen, they will act. But, even here – they will make it an obvious action, where you will know for sure that it was Narendra Modi who started the Swachh Bharat campaign. This does not mean Narendra Modi is an egoistic personality, because as I am not, he is still a human. If it ever occured to you that I am addressing him as an example for how egoistic people behave, you have to work on the way you read blogs.

If you found that discomforting, about me telling you to learn how to read blogs, you might be facing problems in the way you take suggestions. So, learn how to read blogs and mostly how to live. Because, many have literally forgotten that learning is a part of this life since we all are busy spreading hate like a diabetologist distributing chocolates. It’s not wrong, but it’s wrong specifically.

You have seen people around you call out others for them having a good physique. They appreciate this. It feels like an appreciation, because that is what the society has set the definition as for something to be appreciated. I’ll tell you why, as I have observed, this happens.

leaves can be red too

If someone says “You have a good height”, he means you have a good height. And, she always does. Now, when you’re short, they do not address you with the label “good” or even “bad”. They instead say “You are too short”. The same applies for any trait you see being a compliment in and around the world. So, the next time you are called out, think again – because you might not be called out. I know it’s better if we stop looking for some kind of meaning in everything.

I hope we all one day will stop labeling things by good and bad, and furthermore defy the labels of high and low.


In this Whatever-We-Have

Do you remember anything good about yesterday? Do you feel good about it even today? What will you do about it tomorrow? 

I hope nothing bad happens to you. But, we all know something terrible is to happen someday. I don’t feel good in being sure about it. It scares me. I need this contrast very badly because I believe this whatever-we-have is whole only with the colours expanding to their extremities – black and white. I don’t want to confirm that black is the dark part of it, that way even this slightest feeling about something terrible to happen fades away in uncertainty. What is dark and what is bright? Who gets to decide that? I feel good again about not being sure.

It’s always better to not believe that something terrible is going to happen. Just as the way you are not sure if you will be someone with a penthouse somewhere in a metro, you also can’t be sure if you will end up homeless. You are sure about this one fact – anything can happen, be it the penthouse or be it the footpath. There’s no judgement that being in a penthouse in a metro is good for your life if all you look for in life is some time to look at the city while you sit on the bench – on the footpath. 

I am sick of uncertainty to be honest, maybe, I don’t know. I sometimes want to be sure about something and other times it feels too good to not know about anything. Maybe we’ll have our whole life to look for answers in the faces, the trees and the words. Maybe we’ll know the answers to all of it, one day. To keep us alive, we need questions to ask this whatever-we-have. We need answers too, otherwise there is no point in you getting on the bike every morning hurrying up to the classroom just so that you don’t get kicked out of the class, even before getting into it. It is a bad feeling about which I don’t give a shit. What if I got kicked out? What’s the worst that could happen? I am sure as hell that I won’t not be having a good time of my life just because someone thought “Hey! It’s wrong to be late when you want to learn about something” Who sets the rules to the way you learn about anything? Did anyone tell you that you had be on time at the front door of your house every Sunday morning at 08:13:00 Eastern Time to learn how you cut your nails? I hope you have not been asked to do that. If you have been, we still have time. 

All we do is think and think we do. I made a few pictures which you can see on this page. You can check out my Instagram for more of these. I had a lot of fun in creating them. These pictures are my way of telling this world that magic can be real. And that I too believe life can be just as fun as I thought it was watching Tom & Jerry hurrying up to school ten years ago while eating my chapati-roll. I hope you like them. If not, I hope you get kicked out of the class tomorrow.

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