No one can help your writing process

If anyone had a solution to this problem, they’d be telling you their own method. Be it zoning into your desk-space or walking freely in the park to get ideas. However, there are some problems which remain common enough to be dealt with as a creator.

Let me tell you that methods are not solutions. They are just the ways you choose to do your work. The last thing a creative space would want is glorifying a common method in the face of a solution. Please, as a friend I say to fellow writers struggling with their process, don’t fall for the Internet’s loud voices. Please don’t look for solutions in the way you need to deal with writing.

Trust me, after searching these methods for nearly four years I have learnt something valuable.

There is no solution that will solve everything.

Why? Because, your problems as a creator are bound to be unique to yourself. And, so should be your ways to dealing with it. I wouldn’t know if you had problems with getting up early while my solution keeps talking about the benefits of waking up at five. It just doesn’t work even if it sounds good to have a pizza ritual every paragraph written. Exception, eating somehow feeds every known tummy and the brain. So, this ritual might work and I don’t recommend doing it alone. By the way, you wouldn’t even know if I was talking about five in the morning or the evening.

Okay, let’s not get distracted by food. But, if you’d like to – nobody’s really stopping you from having your favourite dessert. Just let me know where I can find it. Deal?

Be whatever your problems are, I am sure the solutions you thought would help just haven’t been friendly enough. Sometimes, they do awesome contributions to the writing process and other times it feels like a truck ride to the moon. We just haven’t found a way to do it.

Does this mean we stick to the ride and keep believing in it? It’s not only highly hopeful to build a bridge to the moon, it is mostly impractical. Surely we could try doing it as an experiment for fun. And, that’s all writing is about to me. It’s about having fun. Why else would I even do it?

All I want to say is, don’t let the big words on your tiny screens decide your process. Find one for yourself because there is no right one out there for everyone. But, there is a right one just for you.

And, if you’re okay with it – you’d also probably be okay without it. That is the ultimate dream, I hope. Because, guess what? You are the creator of this method and there’s no way you can’t create another one. It’s unique and at the same time even a solution to defining your problems. Talk it out and let’s keep writing safe from the tragedies of productivity!

A Glass Full of Empty

One gallon of water in one little container in the ocean of seas. So small, and yet so big to our bodies for a day. What do we compare our problems with? The others who have solved theirs and living their life. Or, to those having a harder time than us?

You can compare to any one of these. But, you can’t feel good because of it. Some might feel good looking at those with terrible times. And, it is a feeling I’d never want to feel at home with. I know that such comparisons are not only temporary, but clearly helpless to my situations – be whatever.

My point is, like ourselves – our problems are unique. But, there is always similarities. Looking at such similarities, it is only better not to compare. Just looking at them and if there’s anything to learn, I’ll grab my book and note my brain-cells of such information.

Our life unto now is nothing more than memory and what we make of these memories. Life ahead is nothing more than dreams. Repeating itself, now is all that really is.

Writing about Love

First of all, it is surprising among Indians to see an engineer do anything other than engineering let alone writing. And, Indians see writers either as intellects or the hard hit love song boys. It is extreme, either ways. That spectrum somehow seems so normal even across the world. Maybe it is true.

I find many venting out about their love failure, which they should, than about their work or families. Which also, they should. I too have written about my failed adventures with loving a person and to this date don’t find a reason why it should be public. Also, all kinds of audience regularly come across such articles. It has, interestingly, become a subject of regular talk over the internet.

You might hate it or be a part of it.

One aspect I like is the fact that many can talk about it now. Talking about your problems is a very good way to solve them and even realise the matters you have no control on. Writing is a form of talking.

Some want to do it in the public, and some behind the windows. But, all want to do it and only a few do.

Diss Tance

What cost is it of the one mistake where it doesn’t matter? Do we bury our heads in the pillow for doing wrong? Or, do we stare at the wall for creating problems?

Does anyone create problems?

I don’t reckon problems to be a grave matter when in school. But, they felt much worse than a year-gap in degree. I was, let’s say, the master in my school, Forbes Academy, when it came to troubling the teacher. I don’t even know if four commas are allowed in a sentence. I also know that this work is not to be a subject of control. But, of flow.

As my English teacher, Miss Fernandes, would refer my mischief to my mom “Your daughter is like an Angel. But, he. He is like a devil.”

She made me write my notes, English of all, at her home for what I recall as a lifetime. She used to tap on our heads with her ink pen when we made mistakes. I could not have asked for a better person to teach us about fables. All of this, I don’t think have any good outcome unless we look back and laugh at them growing up. There’s so much to learn from the mistakes we make early in our lives. And, yet we fail.

Failing, I believe, is the only way to learn better for the future we dream of. Thank you, Miss Fernandes.

Without giving in to the word-prompt, I have distanced myself from it.

Or, did I?