Go out with Pappa

Of all the people I enjoy my life with, my father is a tough person to have clarity about. Not that I don’t have fun with him, but just that it is not obvious enough for anyone to know. Not even the two of us. I often forget how I couldn’t get luckier to have this person in my life. He tries to be the friend. And, that’s more than enough.

I believe that’s how fathers and sons have lived around, trying to be. This relationship is way more complicated than a couple about to be divorced. There is no scale to tell how bad a couple feels about falling apart. But, definitely, a relation between the father and a son does not fall into the discussions of a ‘scale to measure goodness.’

By the way, I wouldn’t doubt about my interest in science to be vastly influenced by his take on the subject. To which, I owe him a lot.

As I see it, this uncertainty is not about being jealous or disliking each other. That is clearly not the case. It is more about not being obvious to the love between us. It’s there, but we don’t acknowledge it to the world. Which is just beautiful enough to be real. It’s also frustrating to not know. The only problem is men are so shy about the feelings they share that it’s hard to even admit. So are women. So is anyone who gets to live and have the sense of emotion on this planet.

I wonder when will we get past the current age where people say “He’s just like his father” or that “He is overprotective about his son.” This is mostly possible when men realise that being a man doesn’t mean to ‘not’ be feminine.

I read in a book, incompletely, about how the art of being masculine is to be appreciative about the femininity that your genes carry. Because, guess what? Your mom is a female. Meaning, to be a man is to be a human. It’s more than being just the opposite to a gender. I don’t know how the topic went from talking about my relationship with my father to masculinity.

Maybe that’s because he’s the first man I ever saw. Happy birthday, Pappa!

Writing about Love

First of all, it is surprising among Indians to see an engineer do anything other than engineering let alone writing. And, Indians see writers either as intellects or the hard hit love song boys. It is extreme, either ways. That spectrum somehow seems so normal even across the world. Maybe it is true.

I find many venting out about their love failure, which they should, than about their work or families. Which also, they should. I too have written about my failed adventures with loving a person and to this date don’t find a reason why it should be public. Also, all kinds of audience regularly come across such articles. It has, interestingly, become a subject of regular talk over the internet.

You might hate it or be a part of it.

One aspect I like is the fact that many can talk about it now. Talking about your problems is a very good way to solve them and even realise the matters you have no control on. Writing is a form of talking.

Some want to do it in the public, and some behind the windows. But, all want to do it and only a few do.

The End: My thoughts

I have always wondered if people start to think after “The End” of something, about what happened before. It could be anything, the end of a movie, a relationship, or life. It was all happening according to the rules set by their own spheres, and boom, it ends in one second or even less time. This thought interests me, because there is more to it than just being a thought. It is an incident bound to happen.


Take for example, a burning candle. It is known to go off at the end. But, there is a lot that can happen over a burning candle. The talks, the research, the dinner and much more. And, it is weirdly better that no one thinks of the end of a burning candle, while they do the things they do. I took the example of a candle, just because it is relate-able to many of us. We all have been there, as a candle to someone or self. In the process, if we ever started to worry about the end, the process itself would change on a notable scale. It might be a change for the good in some cases. For example, we know that Global Warming is about to end things in the near future. This knowledge changes a lot in the process of a caring man’s life. Or, it might also be a change for the bad in some cases. For example, if a person in a relationship knew that he/she is going to end that relationship, well before it happens – he/she might not put efforts in making the relationship better for anyone. It is just a hypothetical example; things might turn out to directed the opposite way too.

By ending things, people usually consider relationships. It is not just a sentence said with no facts behind it. Try searching “people’s behaviour about the end of things”. You will see that there is not a single search result other than articles about break-ups. So, the actual matter here to be worried about is that people need to change their priorities if they want to have a happy life. Dwelling over a relationship for it not being successful should be a thing, but not the only important thing in life. This, of course, is my opinion. Upon ending my college for a few days, I really got to know that life had more to offer than just relationships. I don’t want you to take drastic decisions to realise that. I didn’t do it because of relationships either.

Another obvious topic to talk about the end, is life. Just think for a moment about how things will be if you were not here the next second. Don’t overthink about what people would feel, what it might lead to, or anything deep. Observe your nearest surroundings, and delete yourself from it. Would it make a huge difference? That, is the ultimate question. How far the difference will affect other lives is none of your worries. It is obvious for most of them to get sad, and ultimately (maybe) get over it. My father once said “It is not others who are losing their life. It is you, who is at the greatest loss – dying”. I agree to that.

This article is about to end in a few more sentences. But, it is going to stay here forever – for the new readers. And, that is what I want my life to be like. Make a mark, suggesting a good one. Because, even Osama Bin Laden is not forgotten. He had his own ways of setting a mark in the history of this planet. Perspectives over something serious like that, can change the way we look at this world.

The End.

PS: Don’t forget “Post Scripts” do exist.