A dreamy trip to the Himalayas

This is one of my dreams. I want to ride on a cafe-racer bought with cash. Specifically, cash received for doing any kind of work at all that I loved performing every bit of it. Not some kind of gift, which would ruin a vital part of this dream because I am sure I’ll want to earn it myself and be the one who gifts it to me.

Just because it’s happening in your head doesn’t mean it’s not real

Movie: Harry Potter

Where will I go to? To the mountains up north of this country. Breathing in the songs I will write on my way to these hills. I’ll be dreaming when I make this dream come true. This trip will be special for reasons even not personal.

Photo by Martin Jernberg

It will be inevitable to stretch my experience to the very breadth of this beautiful land. I live in the south and these mountains are far more distant than three-thousand kilometres. Yet so close. And no, there is no particular mountain I have in mind because this too is a vital cue. The first mountain I see will guide me to the next one and maybe I’ll have to be on the whole range of these peaks.

This is a dream I don’t wish to come true and it’s okay if it doesn’t. Because, this dream will come true for many reasons a sane person cannot explain.


Dear Reader

How are you? I just wanted to sit down and put this on the blog. I have lots to say, and yet I don’t know which messages to pick. I’ll just keep on writing and everything will fall into place. Because, that’s what I know as a solution to everything. Maybe I am wrong, maybe… Continue reading →

A home on the road!

As a joke, I’d tell Rottya on this ride to Kalasa about how the bike had become our moving home. Royal Enfields are comfortable. Honestly, it is the home I’d prefer after being in one for nearly three months now. It’s not tiring to stay at home. But, it’s not like a home on the road in motion either.