Evasive Action

Truth never damages a cause that is just.

Mahatma Gandhi

My life has had a good share of lies.

Yes, I reckon it is courage that anyone can admit to. To have lied. And, there could not have been a better way to be honest than to reveal your dishonesty. I have never felt better to lie than to confess my lies.

One such instance where I could have had mostly the emotional leverage on lying was during a breakup. Many do. And, what did I do to feel foolish then?

I just told that I lied. Removes that ultimate potential in going hands to hand with the devil on your toes. I can imagine how bad any happy feeling you could be living when it all stays on the grounds of a lie.

I could have easily evaded many such parts of my life. And, I have. The outcome is either me having an extra piece of chicken or a confession.

Bowing down to hypocrisy for I am ultimately a human. For I ultimately cannot tell the accurate message, if not lie.

What more could be closer to the truth?

Polar Flair

Hidden are not the secrets anymore. It’s mostly my lack of care to the shallow depths. Our poles are right here on the single piece of land we place our foot on. Walking to the top and one day falling prey to the mistakes done winningly. We will be paid. And, we won’t be making any money but only the ashes of this wonderland.

Takes a lot of courage, you know, to live without the food you were meant to eat. Fishes don’t just swim around, to fall prey. They just die quicker to even swim these days. To seal off the hunt, seals have gone underground and birds are taking longer to find their prey. Hidden in the hell would be choices of the man.

Talking of hunts, the ones like me who can still do, do hunt. I see the man growing dumber and wildly with these chic devices. Tapping on petitions more than their garden beds. The plants are dying of heat, do you not need the water? Or, are there no trees where you live? Find them, please. For the hidden secrets of the planet are mostly gone by now, and we need to find them.

– Pandora.