Artist Ultimate: About Leonardo from Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci is a long name. No shit, Sherlock.

I’ll address him as Leo. Also, Leo is not here, so he wouldn’t mind it. If you think changing names like this is a sin, you are the most right person to read this article. Because, da Vinci might defy your beliefs. You need this.

Patterns, as I have seen and wondered about, are the ultimate conclusion I can make by seeing anything da Vinci has created. It sounds a bit cheesy, and we’re not here to cook. A little more about this later.

look at the angel’s hair

Okay, Leo sounds too cheesy. Sorry Leo, I’ll have to let you go.

da Vinci is my spirit to look at the way I look at any form of art. He observes science very finely, and clearly in his subjects while maintaining the magic within. This helps me feel at ease, as it is believable that it’s real. It might be very amusing and magical, but it is real. He is known to have defied his very own status in the society. From being a basterd to a legitimate artist, not to mention – a very good one, he refused to obey the norms of the 15th Century.

Why do I like da Vinci so much?

the vitruvian man

1458, in Vinci, Italy – he was born a basterd, not living with the name of his supposedly prosperous family of origin – he had to deal with the problems of being illegitimate when it was meant a shame to be an illegitimate son. No benefits of a normal human being. This made Leonardo challenge the norms and become a very important figure in the society so that he could escape being a basterd.

He was born at the right time in Italy, as it was the right one to be born as a genius. And, Leonardo was so much more than a genius. He addressed what even geniuses couldn’t, the very dumb things one doesn’t ponder upon at first sight. Like the motion in hair, in a painting. It is so basic to even think about, and he made the painting talk about this motion. This importance to the detail of a moving hair, or even just the motion of waves formed by the curls – is astonishing, psychedelic, mind-altering and eye-opening. Plus, other words you can describe “mind blowing”. And, now the dumb thing, this motion is the very own subject at work. How amazing!

the angel’s hair i was talking about earlier

More than two decades later, as I spit out very important parts of his life, he became an artist recognised by the Medici family in Florence, Italy. The Medici family was a very powerful one, as it was very rich and it controlled the votes in Florence. Classic rich family moves.

They were at power, as one of the banks of authority. They had enemies because of this very obvious reason. And, money ruled. They knew Leonardo was going to be very helpful in making new inventions with his intelligence and help technological developments speed through time in Florence.


He then moved forward to creating new pieces of art while describing the science very clearly behind these creations, as a mathematician, a biologist, a physician, a painter and more. He is the ultimate artist.

Leonardo da Vinci defying the way this world sees and works, has inspired many of us to keep continuing. It’s never going to be fair, to stop and conclude his life. I will keep looking more.

And, one day he will be.

do you see a pattern?

Aringarosa crossed the library toward them.

She, I suppose it’s a feminine character that I sense coming from the corridor, making way through a few lousy men of college. Moots about the happenings that shouldn’t even cause a careless damage to our behaviour, are being taught by these men, and women also. I sense very little care for anything, in the people I see around, at this library. All putting their rattling heads into sheaves of wisdom hoping one day they will get rid of them.

Many here, disappoint me. 

But, this sense I just had. A feminine mastery, coming now from and within these huge shelves of century-old books. A few older than just a century too. This part of the library, is said to remain as one. Hence, the only library I go to. Other shares of the library have made their path towards the contemporary world. But, I like libraries the way I have always imagined them to be like. Mountain high wooden shelves, with glass covering the books by a centimetre. A million holding each other before they fall on one’s head to cause a divine knock, on self and everything else. 

Even this library has not had the closest chance at overwhelming what I see coming towards me.

It’s Aringarosa, crossing the library towards me.


This piece was written using the prompt “Aringarosa crossed the library toward them”, which is a line I pointed randomly, eyes closed, on a completely random page in the book The Da Vinci Code, written by Dan Brown. This procedure to get a prompt was given at

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