With the shutdown parameters increasing, and even slightly decreasing, everywhere around the world – we see many benefits of this to our planet. But, it’s temporary. Once the economy starts to bounce back, it’s nothing but inevitable for the birds to not give us the whistles like they do now. They can’t simply take the adversities of the climate once it returns to it’s original, as changed from the original by us humans. Not to forget, our planet is still heating up whether or not you see us polluting it. And that, is how badly we have managed to keep up with the planet’s harmony.

For a quick second, just imagine all of humanity not facing the pandemic. It’s hard, and that’s why it can be imagined. So, when there is no threat of a virus but there is an urge in the leaders worldwide to shutdown the use of polluting entities – there will be rules. That’s our imagination – every government asking it’s citizens to not pollute the country on the basis of a shutdown. Many won’t follow the rules, obviously. Many are not following them even when they could die much easily in a case. They definitely won’t follow if the problem is comparatively distant. Although, it might just be very closer than we think and live like. Adding to the imagination, suppose all of us decide to stay at home not polluting the planet. Once that’s done – we could all just think our planet is healing itself. But, no. It will, by the damage already done, still keep on burning. Coming out of the imagination – that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Even when we all would have thought the slowdown could help, it is not going to help if we don’t create new rules. I believe this is the right time for every government to use the situation to bring back some kind of love to the nature in their citizens. It won’t be of much help to the situation, but it won’t probably do any harm either. It is necessary. Whether you like it or not, there are many who love listening to the birds whistling to our harmony, the wind kissing on our goals and the water helping us flow.

If there was any, the song for our planet would be the way it lives. Just. No need of the lyrics to label even the happening wonders it could do without a beat.

Our planet wants to sing, and let us clap on that.

Water: My Moving Constant

I’ll take my debts to Ganga.

I feel very connected to everything, and I love that about me. Even you should. It helps me stay unattached, in strange ways. All the while, it somehow works for me.

as seen by shamant

Thinking deeply about something, and the next moment knowing that the thought was for that moment. Let’s always keep it that way. If I attach it to something other than the moment itself, it becomes a nasty problem. The one where I feel like the very good pillars on which that moment stood are now being pissed on by relations, time, and other feelings. It is now an attachment to the feeling I had that moment. If it makes any sense, live now and only for now. I know you have heard many people say “don’t think about the past, or the future too much” and they could not have been more correct about this one suggestion.

Attachment, as written in my mom’s bio on WhatsApp, is the root of suffering.

ah, august! just after my trip to ashwem and beyond

To me, all of what I said above, is somehow related to water. Water, to me, is essential. Oh, such discoveries while I write, makes me laugh. Is water really that essential to you, a metabolic mechanism, Shreyas?

Anyhow, be it any bad feeling, I resort back to taking control of my breath. In, out. And, end up drinking water. It works. This might sound stupid at first. But, discovering more about what water means to me might make us, for the lack of a better word, enlightened.


As I look at it, all that is to make sense to me ends up being a pattern of randomness, and thus making sense to me. How do I say it?

I can’t, and it will be my ultimate goal to put out this very non-sensical idea in my films. And, one day a film made by me will make it a notion believable by anyone who sees it. When he or she does, I also hope it comes to them with the only meaning of not having one. Similar to this notion, water, as in rivers – keeps flowing, but there is this sense of unchanging behaviour of the very drops this river carries. It itself is the drop, and the river.

akksye watching waves

It feels very good to be at fear of the river changing it’s flow. This fear is very similar to my other fears in life. And, as I watch the flow still being there, maybe at a different speed, I can still see and sense this wide range of possible ways to get me out of this fear. I can work on my problems, and treat them if they can be treated. If they can’t be treated, we can at least get comfortable with this gyp. It’s there, we know that. And, if there’s nothing we can do about it – we know that we’re wrong. We can definitely do something about it, but just not now.

As Dr. Anand Pandurangi puts it very finely into words:

Sometimes, time is a very good aid for healing”

These complications make it hard for one to put all notions under one roof. One certain meaning, a uniform understanding about all of this may not be achieved. Again, this gyp is so much of a discomfort than a cheat on your instincts.

We’ll let this wave hit us, and we’ll flow.

the beyond