Into The Unknown

This photo was taken on my trip to Tirupati with my family. It’s not the kind of trip I’m most fond of, visiting temples and praying all the time. I am there for the times to spend with my family. That’s all I am there for, plus for the feel of travelling. Where I get to click photos, eat new kinds of dishes and meet new people.

And, this picture was taken on my way back from Tirupati. I can’t remember the location in precise memory, because I never tend to keep a track of cities very well when I pass by them. I mean, with a view like this while you sit in the train – moving, listening to music – it only makes sense for other senses to fade away. All I can see, hear and taste is the scent of freedom.

I get detached into reality.

Only if I were to choose from the two roads, I would die but choose. The uncertainty in my life is only true, and terrifyingly painful at times. But, sometimes it is the best option I’ll ever have – to not know. There is pain, but there is also relief in a way. What if you knew what you never had to? There comes peace in not taking control of what’s right and what’s wrong. Who am I to tell me who I am?

In this confusion lies a tree next to the lake, where I shall visit every now and then. Me alone, in the mist of unknowns, peacefully watching the fishes swim from this end to the middle of the lake. There’s beauty in what hides beneath the crust. As I watch the train passing by, I am greeted by the kid inside. Who is this child? Do I know him? Before it’s too late, I realise I’ll never know. And, I feel relief rushing through my brain for not knowing a few things in life.

The child asks me, as I sleep the day “Who are we to wonder where we’re going?” And, I feel relief rushing through my brain for not knowing a few things in life. Not knowing it is me waving from the train. I mean, it’s me who clicked this photograph. Yeet.


No one really talks of it,
Maybe I’m the one thinking
Picked me up as it lit,
Sun too had me blinking

Maybe I’m the one thinking

The green is more like itself,
And the red is no better
While blue is just myself,
I see the black as calmer

Maybe I’m the one blinking

Every mask has it’s face,
Ever face does it’s talking
Stories from this headspace,
And eyes go low haunting

Maybe I’m the one talking

Look at my artwork

Pointless Bread

Yes, that’s the name. I didn’t want to have a meaning in the new title for this blog. So, I guess this one’s just perfect. Or not, so never mind and that’s the whole point of it. No pun intended – only if you had to think otherwise.

From now on, we are the Pointless Bread family. We should have a name to the members of this group, given the fact that the numbers are still small and opinions can be mindfully perceived. I hope. If you are reading this, you are among the small bracket to whom the articles reach – be it a follower or a new reader. Feel free at home, you (a guess) human.

What does ‘Pointless Bread’ mean? You tell me.

I don’t really have a clear picture as to why this name other than my intuition. It sounds right and even confirms my laziness in framing a proper title to this blog. It almost justifies the ever-changing theme of the website. Maybe that’s our theme itself.

Gives me joy to be diverse enough on a personal basis.

Now, this move (of changing the title) comes as a part of getting along with my readers and keeping this place for a fun time on the internet. This move is also a part of the blog’s journey towards making it officially a place for personal growth and keeping the community hooked to the process of writing/reading. It’s not just confined to making money but even about taking footsteps which can help me get better at this skill. I’ll always be a novice to the internet, as a reminder.

I have too much going on in the ‘document of plans’ for the blog. Maybe have direct collaboration, open donation pipelines in return for artwork, have more and more concepts covered. It’s slowly falling into place and you’ll know.

Comment your thoughts, be it anything – your favourite kind of pizza or even about the last time you cried. Take the space and let’s get to know each other (only if you’d like to, affirmative) in order for this blog to be a literal space for art and stories 😀

I post here daily: artwork and articles. Generally about the void being filled during that morning of the day. If you’d like to follow the blog to receive a notification on your mail, sign up below for free!

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