The best country does not exist

With it’s citizens bullying those who doubt a country’s worth, I am affirmative that it’s no good of a choice to call it pro-liberty. Men and women who fail at contributing to the country even just by wearing a mask, often choose to support the fact that our soldiers might be fighting on our borders – risking their lives to save ours. These people who can’t even take wearing masks seriously, never really know the pain when they talk about any sacrifice this country came by to this date. It’s only their fondness in the idea of patriotism that makes them call someone anti-national but not their patriotism.

Voicing your opinion on a grave matter most probably requires a sense of time before becoming sound.

If at all this is the best country in the world, I don’t see the need to label it as one. Trust me, when someone does that, it usually means they are on the way to the label’s destination but never really conclusive about their claims. It only scares me to see the men of this country falling prey to the lies which actually sound very fantastic to even me. And, only men are falling prey to our leaders’ lies as I see women having very little to no voice mattering to the narrative. We are however getting there. But, the fight continues knowing nothing about what is it that we are fighting.

We are the best country in the world if it doesn’t matter to be one. I’d love to see every nation stop calling themselves one because the ones saying so are usually scared for their lives that they might be lying. Either that, or they are hiding the fact that they’ve failed already. If at all it matters to be a part of a good country, to be a good human – tell me there’s a different universe.

That being said, it’s better to have failure in our country being voiced than building an image like it’s a Photoshop battle on Reddit. Tell me if you win and correct me if you lose.

This article marks my 100th day continuously posting on WordPress. Thank you for reading my articles and motivating to keep me going. I feel like I’ve done something I only dreamt of. What I see for the future of this blog is for it to remain the same – I’ll try to write every day here about anything I find randomly taking up space in me. I hope you continue to be a part of this as well and we’ll reach the moon one day.

धन्यवाद | Thank you | Asante | Gracias | Благодаря ти | Dank u

Here are a few numbers (images below) for this year so far. It has been the best time I’ve ever spent on WordPress. On the Internet arguably. Maybe I can never stop blogging now. My activity started to be visibly high for the first time on this blog during April’s Daily Prompts challenge put up by editors at WordPress. It remains a solid background to keep me writing and posting my work.

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It gives me joy to see what I never would’ve realised without giving some kind of performance.

My first year
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These numbers mean nothing compared to the friendships I’ve made here. Made changes I never expected for the blog. Most importantly, kept creating when most of our world is busy complaining. And, there’s no harm in that either. I take pride in being self-obsessed about this one fact. Keep reading, keep looking 😀

P.S. I made a video edit recently using copyright-free content from Pexels. Have a look!

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The Streets can Talk

India, as might be looked upon as a not-so-rich country globally, is praised for it’s richness in terms of culture and community. Because, believe it or not – we Indians live in a society with such diversity that we fail to realise how united we are. Comparatively, to the world outside we are very much like the other regions worldwide known for a co-dependent life. One of those regions is Ogimi of Japan, the village of longevity.

When we talk about streets, it is usually the crowd and the packed sense of a road that comes to our mind. But, we all know streets of a different kind exist too. The ones where it is not hassle that leads the rhythm of the road, but the calm and not-so-street look of the road that could still be considered the dream street in our age. I mean, we can hardly find such a street in the busy cities we live in. Although, we do see it happening to the busiest roads worldwide when the chigga showed us how devastating a pandemic could be to the normal lifestyle we all had been living. But, one of the positive side that is helping me survive this is the fact that we have never seen anything like this, not even the recent generation before us. There are hardly any survivors of The Spanish Flu who live among us.

Today, I wanted to share with you the busiest streets of the world giving a different kind of message. Photographers are mentioned at the bottom of each picture. Thanks to the artists for helping us see how beautiful the world would be even without the busy. I believe this post will be issued with potential copyright feuds, where I won’t get to speak. Although, I believe there would be a problem if I were monetizing from the blog. Which is currently the only thing not happening on the blog. That day might just be too far. And, the post might be deleted before I know it. So, don’t make this famous. Or, do.

I always thought Times Square was the place I needed to be for it is the busiest thing I could find on the internet when I started using the internet. One could argue it was just the neon that attracted me. Plus, Casey Neistat made sure the love for New York came in all sizes all the while making us love films. It is where artists perform, the engineers walk to their offices and chefs cook you food like it’s home. I dream.

And, here’s New York City, to begin with.

Todd Heisler

It does not fail to live, even when there’s no human to breathe.

Laetitia Vancon

No rats either.

Maria Contreras

So much to snack.

Saumya Khandelwal

Don’t Delhi-6 me.

It is a beautiful collection on The New York Times, you can find it here now that I have already made my point.

I repeat,

Streets are beautiful, with or without metabolism.