I want to go there and live wondering about life for the rest of it. It’s not really a dream when you don’t just wish for but want it. And, I want to sink myself with the meanings to life given to our planet by mankind.

In Italy.

Why Italy? Why not stay faithful to your country right where you were born? And, why Italy? Because, I don’t know if the real sense of being an Indian is to stay here or even that of being a man of art is to be in Italy. But, I know it talks to live in harmony. Pity borders defined by the British lawyers who barely knew this country won’t stop a man from living his dreams. But, they do delay my journey as my fellow travelers have been delayed by their borders.

I don’t want to talk about what I want to do in Italy. Mostly, because I don’t know for myself. Knowing what happens in a dream is not what I sleep into. As the free world would want it, I’ll let the moment decide when my feet set on the magic-land.

It is a dream. And, why Italy?

Kaolin’s breath

Continued from this article.

Kaolin doesn’t understand most of the magic we do here at Hogwarts. So far, we have been agreeing to whatever we put forth in the hypothesis.

Photo by Soyoung Han

An alien should not have been my only option for a friend with thousands of earthly wizards around me. But, I know better. I can’t be complaining about the way Kaolin’s nose always keeps dripping of hot pieces of glass or even that an alien is my friend here.

There’s a way in which Kaolin has adapted. To breathe on Earth.

The way it works is with a small invisible socket collecting these pieces of glass and somehow the other end of this portal still remains a mystery to me. Unlike carbon-dioxide, these pieces remain harmless in his village. My best guess is it’s even useful over there. It is frightening on earth to see those hot pieces of cruelty drip from the kind nostrils. And, maybe kindness has a different meaning in his village.

Photo by Orane Thomas

By the way, I confirmed that Kaolin should be referred to as a male. Happens that even their world deals with reproduction like earthlings. However, he still does not feel it righteous to tell me the name of his village or even his planet’s galaxy. Strangely, I have accepted this much of information having ignorant wizards around me who always remain silent when I show up.

I wish Harry Potter was here, every night before going to bed. I wish anyone from that year was still here.

It’s better anyways to have Kaolin by my side. We are meeting more frequently than ever. Only Dumbledore and us two know of these meetings. Until we find something, we have decided to remain as a secret. Much like science.

Yesterday, me and Kaolin felt like there’s a need of language other than magic between us. I mean, we do have ourselves working on the science. Only time will tell us how to speak.

To be continued.

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Cut me in two, I’ll remain one

Oh Chris, do you make me believe?

Checking on myself, I think of the wonderful miracles having come off, the ones happening. And, hope for the ones to be in future. I remember telling the difference in dreaming and expecting.

Time knows a lot about uncertainty. Yet, I find myself speaking to the void of hopeful seconds to speak back. It is only because, of this void, I expect nothing from. It is a void knowing what it knows. It is time, understanding itself.

Anxiety got me nowhere. And, nowhere is the perfect place to start again. Looping myself of this void and anxiety, it is mostly the smile on my plants that find themselves giving me the answers. The shady clouds reminding me of the beauty in imperfection. Currents high and low letting the waves be. For it is, perfect as it remains.

Oh Martin, you make me believe!

New Person, Same Old Mistakes

In the age of change being so rapid and constantly inevitable, we are bound to face the unexpected. Sooner or later, everyone has to be ready for what we might not be prepared. The current pandemic is one such great example for things unexpected. But, the examples we need to be looking at right now are not the unexpected. That is already happening. There are examples of people challenging this change on their own terms and living like it barely causes any devastating effects on their life. I am trying to be them by keeping up with my work on blog and the assignments at college. The latter seems to bring disinterest at first, but clearly takes off once I start doing it.

Keeping myself close to work makes me realise of the things I have never come across. I still don’t know how to deal with syllables. I don’t know the spelling of words like syllables. Randomly pick one from college, I don’t know how Computer Vision works. But, these realizations are only because I know a few things at first. Otherwise, why would anyone want to learn at all?

It gets tiring and even tedious to keep writing daily on the blog. I had stupidly dreamy goals of doing it before lock-down. It is only safe to say that without this lock-down, I could have been easily distracted. Only because of lock-down, I am able to try new things on a daily basis. And, stick to a few of them. I wish to stick to the lessons learnt during the lock-down.

Looking back at these “new” endeavors of mine, I have done these many times before. And, only trying seems to be the ultimate meaning any endeavor might have.

The world keeps changing, and the universe seems to justify the changes.