For the past three months, I have changed my addictions and it’s impossible for me to live without any kind of addiction. This calls for a kind of transformation which takes time, but more necessarily a mindful approach. I don’t smoke, drink (not that I was addicted before) and even eat my favourite vadapav anymore. All thanks to the tough times. However, I found myself addicted to a different set of activities. I cannot wait to lose my next chess match with Rajat, a close friend. And, also I cannot stop watching those boring chess matches on YouTube. Not to forget the best addictions of all, blogging every day is a part of my life I will always be proud about.

I streamed a few of my chess matches (LIVE) with Rajat. You can check the playlist here. Here’s the thing about chess, you cannot let it get into your head. It’s very easy for someone to feel bad after losing a match because of the dynamics that are involved in a chess match. But, this is a very influential cue to your next game. This has made me play chess like I’ve never played before and doesn’t necessarily mean I’m getting better. As much as I’d like to play this casually, it’s inevitable (as of now) for me to remain independent of the opening strategy to have a remarkable weight-age to the rest of my games. I hope for this to change because chess to me is fun.

“Chess, like love, like music, has the power to make men happy.”

– Siegbert Tarrasch

Do you play chess? If you don’t, do you know why? I recommend playing this game as it proved to give me the kind of work-but-fun pathway to everything else about the pandemic.

And, I’ll definitely eat thousands of vadapav when all of this is over. A quick (important) question, do you know when is that?


Creating at home

April was a very comforting month for the users of WordPress. While the world was biting it’s nails, we figured a way out of panic even if it meant only for a short period of time. I must say the panic otherwise would’ve been less shared and even chaotic to me.

This goes on to prove that believing blindly in whatever the world says would be my scary dream. Not a nightmare, but a scary dream.

Anyhow, there is a sense of support I saw among the bloggers during April. This community mainly stands on the grounds of creativity, experiment and having your own voice. I missed a lot of other good stuff this community believes in.

To me that is a dream community.

What I realised after doing the Daily Prompts in April is my capability. It remains a part of me.

I knew I can create like an artist. But, what I didn’t know is how consistent I could be at it. This consistency in return has only proved that it doesn’t matter how consistent you are.

I’d be doing this only if I want to.

When I feel like I don’t want to write something on the blog, I always have other stuff from the back of my digital closet to share with my readers. That’s mostly it. Having fun is the ultimate conclusion to having a blog.

Thank you for supporting me even if it’s just a comment or a like. You are awesome.

Also, please watch this video I edited completely on my phone. Comment your thoughts:

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