Hello reader, welcome to my world of stories!

I like taking photographs and looking into the stories they tell me. This blog is entirely that – stories from my photographs and a little bit about my perceptions. I have always loved the idea of storytelling, and hence putting both of my interests into one place, here. My passion for writing, telling stories and making images. If you are interested in photography, films and the million stories they hide within them – I hope to deliver to your interests on this blog.


I am Shreyas, from India. South, to be specific. It’s my hobby and passion to make images. I have a job in the cloud-computing field, and practice this blog as my hobby. This interest only expands my other interests into travelling, and meeting wonderful people from our planet. I’ve had this blog running for a few years now, and it has taken me three years to find my niche as the current one. I’m more than happy to be able to tell stories to my friends on the internet. Hope we get to meet some day and talk about the world.

All photos on this page are clicked by me, you can use them freely in your projects.